Savvy SF Swap...

Ellsbury for Samardzija…SF is desperate for outfield help, They really need 2 ML-calber outfielders right now and nothing in their system to help...SF looks to reload, not rebuild, so this helps them regardless of their crappy season.

Ells would be better in National league. Contract & length are about the same. With Pineda now down, this makes too much sense. We could slot him into his spot and results would be comparable. He could be a really good 5th starter the next few years, he's an inning eater, and most importantly, it gets Ellsbury off the Roster…SF could be only team that would entertain taking him….If i am Cashman, I throw in $ or a prospect, if needed, to get Jake off the roster….This allows Gardner to stay around another year and keeps Frazier in Biggs,

Make this happen Cash..

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