A Yankee Fantasy

Unless you're living on an island south of Pago Pago, you have already heard from multiple news sources that i have taken over as the owner of the New York Yankees.

As you surely know by now, my fortune was amassed in the Real Estate and Stock Market jungles. Some of the apes i was forced to deal with were tough, cunning, unscrupulous; providing me with an excellent apprenticeship for my entry into the world of sports.

Stepping up to the plate for the first time as the new Yankees' owner, i have assured my special assistant, Hal, that there will be no executive/managerial/coaching changes until after the season. After that, some heads will roll, as i have informed the eight (8) senior vice-presidents currently employed by the Yankees that their number will be cut to four (4) at the end of the season. This move will free up some money for the underpaid, yet fiercely ambitious, junior, sophomore, and freshman vice-presidents.

Quickly turning to the job at hand for the 2017 season, i see that my 45-41 team has 17 games to play before the non-waiver trade deadline of 7/31/17, 4pm (ET); 11 away, 6 at home. i have scheduled a meeting at the Stadium for 7/24/17, the day after the grueling 11 game road trip. In attendance will be: me, Cash, Joe, Tanya Bondurant of Pinstripe Alley and, of course, my special assistant, Hal.

Topic of discussion at the meeting: Buy, Sell, Hold. With the trade deadline a week away from the 7/24/17 meeting, we will come out of it with the answer to this question: Do we go for it today (2017) or do we stock up for tomorrow (2018 on)? Cash and Joe will come to this meeting heavily armed with meaningful analytic data and my special assistant, Hal, will regale us with an up-to-the-hour weather report; but the most critical input will be supplied by Tanya B. of PSA.

Let me explain. My special advisor, David Cone, has convinced me to try a somewhat revolutionary bottoms-up rather than top-down strategy. Tanya's presentation, culled from the best data she can squeeze from Pinstripe Alley commentary, will be the main focus of our attention.

When i bounce into that 7/24/17 meeting, Cash and Joe will already be there (or they'll be unemployed), i'll be using the ammunition supplied by the PSA nation, along with a splash of data-driven insight by Cash and Joe, to determine the direction our team will take moving forward.

We are not the N.Y. Knicks ( the pain! the pain! ) and i am not Jimmy Dolan. Although 1 since 2000 isn't saying a hell of a lot, it's still better than not since 1973. As the new owner of the Yankees, i wanna try to replicate the halcyon days of 1996-2000. And i can't do it without your help. So Let the bottoms-up approach prevail.

Bottoms-up, Yankee fans!

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