1st half awards, 2nd half preview.

The trade deadline is looming, the All Star game and Home Run derby just passed, time to look at the good, and the bad from the first half.

MVP - Aaron Judge

Honestly do I need to say anything...

CY Young - Luis Severino

from what we saw with severino last year, to what he has done so far this year is outstanding, he is a little spotty, and a little inconsistent but he does look like a future Ace.

ROY - Jordan Montgomery

I don't care if Judge is considered a rookie, he played last year, Jordan is way more Rookie and has been outstanding for they Yankees and looks to be CC's replacement for years to come.

Comeback Player - Starlin Castro

before this minor injury Castro was a force in the bottom half of the Yankees lineup, and I am fairly positive he didn't have a.300+ avg at last years all star break

know the bad...

why no reliever of the year?

until this past stretch of games Dellin Betances would have had it in the bag, but in my eyes no one so far has separated themselves from anyone else in the bullpen.

The AL West... every other league the Yankees were doing very well against until the yankees went to Anaheim and the tables turned.

Yankees at the deadline?

The one thing that is a must in my eyes in trading Brett Gardner, honestly its time with the emergence of Clint Frazier if they are serious about the youth movement than Brett needs to be traded, even though throughout these last couple of injury filled, past legends retiring years he was a true bright spot, but its time.

last years deadline could hurt the Yankees this year, with the hauls the Yankees got for their top realivers last year it could hurt the club with teams expecting similar hauls back

finally, don't hurt the future, cashman's a smart guy, this current yankees teams is his team and will be his legacy, my only wish is don't hurt the future if the organization with a deadline deal that sends all these prospects away

my predication for the Yankees:

They make the "playoffs" I don't fully know if they will over take boston or if it will be in a wild card game but id do expect them to make the playoffs... and who knows what can happen after that

anything else u wanna add talk about in comments. (Down below)

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