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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/14/17

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Webb, Cooper trade could work for both teams; Even NASA couldn’t anticipate Judge; A-Rod’s ideas for a better MLB

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
“Goodbye, Gary.” “”
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

CBS Sports | Matt Snyder: Yesterday, the Yankees and the Brewers got together and completed a trade swapping LHP Tyler Webb and 1B Garrett Cooper. The trade could be beneficial for both teams as Cooper could serve as some first base depth until Greg Bird is ready and the contending Brewers get another lefty to help their bullpen. Could be a win-win. The trade also shows that Cashman still has faith in Bird as the team’s future at first base.

Sports Illustrated | Dan Gartland: Aaron Judge defies everything we know. He defies statistics, he defies logic. He’s the post-sabermetric face of baseball. Now, add NASA to the list. No, this isn’t some fancy new stat, we’re actually talking about the same NASA that sends people to space. When Marlins Park was built, engineers used equations from NASA to calculate a height of 210 ft for its roof thinking that there’s no possible way anyone would hit a ball there. Then, of course, Aaron Judge happened. Twice.

New York Post | Alex Rodriguez: Alex Rodriguez shares ideas for a more “fan-friendly” MLB to keep up with today’s fast-paced world. His ideas are cameras in the cages, bullpens, and weight rooms that would stream live before games, a partnership with Google that would allow broadcasts to display fun facts and social media profiles of players, $10 Tuesdays, and microphones for the players. These aren’t necessarily all feasible, but seem pretty interesting ideas that could work.