Buyers Beware...Sellers Declare!

It has been a fun ride for the first half of the season despite a late swoon partially due to a whole host of injuries, some players just playing badly, and corner position production that ranks dead last in the major leagues. However, the interesting thing to note is that fan enthusiasm remains high due to the injection of young talent and energy produced by the farm system. I have said it before and will say it again, nothing gets the fan base as jacked up as a homegrown talent becoming a star (See Judge, Aaron this year, Sanchez, Gary last year).

My take is to keep this momentum going and the rebuild flourishing by being sellers for another year. Now, being a seller doesn't mean anyone is buying what you are selling or giving you what you want. But we are talking philosophy now. We have some older nice veterans who have had good first halves and can have value to contenders. This includes Bret Gardner and CC Sabbathia. Let's get some more prospects and young talent to create waves of options and choices for the big league club over the next few years. Furthermore, it develops the base of talent to trade for more value when we need it and keeps payroll flexibility to take advantage of other teams poor payroll situations.

So, let's pile on and double down with the current strategy. Let's keep the energy flowing. If we make the playoffs, great. If not, we will feel good about the near and far future.

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