Trade Ideas(1st base and RP)

With the Yankees' collapse entering the all-star break, their weaknesses have been glaring with injuries starting to pile up. Luckily, optimism is to be expected as the Yankees are expected to get Matt Holiday and Starlin Castro back following the break and Aaron Hicks soon to follow. With that General Manager Brian Cashman has labeled the Yankees as careful buyers. Here are some trade ideas for the pair of 1st base and RP.

1) Yankees and Mets

Yankees Receive: 1B Lucas Duda and RP Addison Reed

Mets Receive: OF Dustin Fowler. 2B Nick Solak, RHP Taylor Widener

Why should the Yankees want them?: Duda is hitting for a 128 OPS+ for the year and is a career 121 OPS+ hitter. Reed has a 2.53 ERA this year and a 1.97 ERA the year before. Neither is under contract for next season if either one doesn't pan out.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Duda was injured last year and hit for only a 91 OPS+ and Reed was only average/slightly below average before coming to the Mets with ERA's of 3.79, 4.25 and 4.2 in the 2 1/2 years before coming to the Mets. His ERA could bloat with a move from pitcher friendly Citi Field to homer happy Yankee Stadium.

2) Yankees and A's

Yankees Receive: 1B Yonder Alonso and RP Ryan Madson

A's Receive: 3B Miguel Andujar, 1B/OF Rob Refsnyder, RHP Zack Littell

Why should the Yankees want them?: Alonso is having a very good year hitting for a 151 OPS+ and made his first all-star game. He is also a rental in the case that things don't work out. Madson has been very good since returning from injury with the Royals having ERA's of 2.13, 3.62 and 2.17. He could be a major upgrade for the bullpen.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Alonso was a non-tender candidate before this season and there was a reason why. He hit only for a 89 OPS+ last year and was labeled as a busted top prospect. He has also cooled of since his hot start this season. Madson is under contract for next season for 7.6 million which is not cheap for a middle reliever. He is also getting old at 36 years old this year. There is no telling how Madson will perform next year with father time around the corner.

3) Yankees and Phillies

Yankees Receive: 1B Tommy Joseph and RP Pat Neshek

Phillies Receive: RHP Albert Abreu, SS Kyle Holder

Why should the Yankees want them?: Joseph would be an upgrade at 1st base this year. He's hitting at a 104 OPS+ pace after hitting for a 114 OPS+ last year. He also provides cheap Bird insurance as he's not arbitration eligible until 2020. Neshek has a 1.27 ERA in the first half and a 2.79 ERA for his career. He has consistently put up strong ERA's since 2012.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Joseph's skill set is nothing special as a guy who crushes lefties and doesn't do as well against righties. He is also only an average defender at 1st base. Neshek is likely going to cost a lot because of his excellent first half, but there are many factors that say he won't keep it up such as a low HR/FB ratio, a high strand rate, and an abnormal dominance against lefties. Neshek also reportedly doesn't like to come in the middle of an inning.

4) Yankees and White Sox

Yankees Receive: 3B/1B Todd Frazier and RP David Robertson

White Sox Receive: SS Jorge Mateo, RP Gio Gallegos

Why should the Yankees want them?: Frazier has put above average numbers consistently in his career. He also has the advantage to play 3B in the case that Bird comes back and rakes this season. Frazier has no contractual obligation after this season. Robertson's a proven Yankee who had his best years in New York. Robertson's put above average to all-star worthy numbers since 2009.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Frazier hasn't hit for average since coming to the Sox and his best days may be behind him. Robertson is still owed 13 million next year and has only been merely above average with the Sox.

5) Yankees and Marlins

Yankees Receive: 1B Justin Bour and RP AJ Ramos

Marlins Receive: SS Jorge Mateo, SP Domingo Acevedo, 1B/OF Tyler Austin, OF Trey Amburgey

Why should the Yankees want them?: Bour is having a career year hitting for a 143 OPS+. He's also a really good hitter in his career with a 126 OPS+.This year he has shown that he is not just a platoon player hitting both lefties and righties. Bour offers plenty of team control with three years of arbitration remaining. This has been Ramos's worst year and he has a 3.51 ERA which says a lot. He's been in a high leverage situation as a closer and should cost the Yankees too much in terms of prospects.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Bour could be lucky this year against lefties and could just be a platoon player. He is also expected to come at a really high cost. This is Ramos's worst year and he's always been kind of a wild. Although, Ramos comes in with one more year of control of arbitration, but he's a non-tender candidate at the end of the season with an expected raise on his 6.5 million dollar salary.

6) Yankees and Pirates

Yankees Receive: 1B/OF John Jaso and RP Tony Watson

Pirates Receive: SS Wilkerman Garcia, RHP Brady Lail

Why should the Yankees want them?: Jaso has shown in the past he can hit. He's only hit for a 96 OPS+ this year but has been consistently above average the five years prior. Even with his current production he would be an upgrade at 1st. Watson only has a 3.86 ERA this year, but he has shown in years prior that he can put up excellent production with a 1.63 ERA in 2014 and a 1.91 ERA in 2015. He also adds another left hander in the bullpen to complement Chasen Shreve.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Well, both Jaso and Watson are not the sexiest names out there and are having down seasons. At this point, this could be who they are and they might not be much of an upgrade to be worth trading.

7) Yankees and Braves

Yankees Receive: 1B Matt Adams and RP Jim Johnson

Braves Receive: RHP Domingo German, OF Trey Amburgey, SS Oswaldo Cabrera

Why should the Yankees want them?: Adams is hitting extremely well in Atlanta with a 142 OPS+. He had also put up decent production with St.Louis the years before. Johnson was very good with Baltimore and was a successful closer for numerous years with the Orioles. His 2.42 FIP this year expresses optimism for the future.

Why should the Yankees stay away?: Adams has never put up this kind of production before and there is no reason to believe that this is anything other than a hot streak. Johnson has been traded from the Braves before and imploded with the Dodgers giving them a 10.13 ERA. He is also in the midst of one of his worst years.

Let me know in the poll or in the comments which trade idea makes sense and which don't. Cheers to a good Yankee deadline.

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