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Aaron Judge wins MLB Home Run Derby 2017 and breaks the internet

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Judge took home the hardware and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

On Monday night, Aaron Judge handily won the 2017 Home Run Derby. After a nerve-wracking first round, he went into overdrive and topped Cody Bellinger and Miguel Sano. He was automatic. His 11 home runs to win the championship looked easy.

As Yankees fans, we’ve seen our fair share of Judge home runs. We’ve had plenty of animated reactions, too. What makes the Home Run Derby so special, however, is its capacity to bring out another level of excitement. Plus, it allowed for fans of other teams to experience Judge’s superhuman strength. The reactions were priceless.

For example, there were tweets about the insane distances of his home runs.

Some of them even came with fun graphics:

There were pressing questions:

And fascinating observations:

Members of the media weren’t the only ones to take to Twitter. Other athletes did, too, including some of his teammates and opponents in the Home Run Derby.

Even an old rival shared some love!

The excitement wasn’t limited to baseball, either. Across sports, real respects real.

The most priceless reactions, however, they came from on the field in the form of Judge’s teammates.

It was an exciting night in Miami. Judge lived up to the hype, and the internet reacted accordingly. What were some of your favorite reactions from the night? Let us know in the comment section below!