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Aaron Judge dominates everyone and everything as the 2017 Home Run Derby champion

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The Yankees’ baseball-obliterating boy dominated to bring home a win in Miami.

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Everyone got to see what we enjoy as Yankees fans each game with Aaron Judge putting on an absolute show in the Home Run Derby from Miami. He didn’t even get to show the full extent of his abilities because he was able to pass the mark he needed each time with plenty of time left on the clock. Here’s how the derby played out for the Yankees:

Gary Sanchez upset the top seed in the derby, Giancarlo Stanton, with 17 home runs in the first round. Stanton rallied at the end of his time to pull to within one homer of Sanchez, but ran out of time before he could pull off a tie or go ahead. Nine of Sanchez’s 17 homers topped 440 feet with the longest coming in at 483 feet.

Aaron Judge had to face a tall task in his first round when Justin Bour put up 22 dingers. The biggest baseball boy was up to the task, though, hitting 22 homers before his bonus time. He managed to hit one during extra time to advance to the next round with his longest coming in at an astounding 501 feet.

Sanchez’s second round wasn’t quite as prolific. He hit 10 with the bonus time included with the longest going 485 feet. Sanchez was understandably less sharp after expending a ton of energy to make it to the second round, but the long homers were still very much on display.

His opponent was Miguel Sano who took down Mike Moustakas in the first round. Unfortunately, Sano was able to best Sanchez’s mark with just under 50 seconds left to go in his regular time. Still, not many people gave Sanchez a chance to make it past Stanton in the first round, so his showing was definitely an impressive one. He very much proved that he belonged in the Home Run Derby to anyone who may have questioned his inclusion.

Cody Bellinger just made it past Charlie Blackmon to advance to the second round. With his dad and former Yankee Clay Bellinger pitching to him, Cody hit 12 home runs in his second time at the plate. Following Bellinger, Judge started off his second round with two straight homers. He then went on a bit of a tear, and passed Bellinger with his 13th homer with just under a minute left in his regular time in order to advance to the finals. Judge had earned the bonus time that he didn’t need with his longest home run coming in at an outrageous 513 feet and 119 mph off the bat.

All humans with eyeballs reacted thusly:

Sano seemed tired in his final round of BP at the derby, understandably. The Twins’ slugger only managed ten home runs with two passing the 440-foot mark. He received the bonus 30 seconds as a result, but he didn’t hit any homers in that extra time. Judge needed just 11 homers to become the 2017 Home Run Derby champion.

Judge did not seem to have that same level of fatigue. He was highly impressive in his final round as well, putting on a show the way he did all night. Like Judge tends to do, there were balls that looked like mere liners that still found their way over the wall. Judge made it look easy the way we’ve seen him do all year.

It’s one of many awards Judge will be bringing home this season, as it looks like he’s well on his way to Rookie of the Year and AL MVP in addition to all the accolades he has already received.