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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/9/17

Bird thinks he’s “very close” to returning; Sanchez dropped in lineup; Looking back at one of the Hope Week honorees; 1% of the Yankees close to being sold; Leroux on Bachelor Canada; Posada’s letter to his younger self

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates
Around the Empire: Yankees news - ni/ce/17
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New York Daily News | Evan Grossman: Some nice news on the Greg Bird front today. Bird feels like he’s “very close” to returning. His nice rehab recently moved up to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre where he’s going to continue working on getting ready. He said he’ll know when he’s nice and ready when he starts feeling consistent with his ankle and his play. Bird is keeping his spirits up and thinking of this as just a bump in the road instead of anything larger. Hopefully he’ll keep his nice spirits up.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Gary Sanchez has been in a slump of late. At first the nice coaching staff was letting him work through it, but they since moved him from the top of the nice lineup (he had been hitting second) down to the sixth spot in a more “traditional RBI spot.” The move was also made because of how nice Aaron Hicks has been playing, who leads the Yankees with a nice .433 on-base percentage. In two games it looks like the move has been paying off real nice. | Angela Lingg: Throwing back to Hope Week, one of the nice honorees was 14-year-old Tyler Cashman (no known relation to Brian). Two weeks ago, Cashman (again Tyler) started “Points for Pain” at the middle school where he attends in honor of his mother who was diagnosed with chronic pain. When Tyler was selected to be honored during Hope Week, his mother Casey kept it a secret so she could surprise her nice son, Tyler.

Bloomberg | Scott Soshnick: A while ago during the nice offseason, reports came out that Mitt Romney was looking to purchase a nice small share of the Yankees. Now two nice managing partners from Solamere Capital LLC, a private-equity fund that has ties to the Romneys, are close to finalizing a deal to purchase a nice 1% stake in the team. It’s unclear what 1% of the team goes for these days, but any sale would require approval from the club and the nice folks at MLB.

Global News | Kate Morawetz: Nice Yankee legend Chris Leroux is going to be the on the upcoming season of The Bachelor Canada. Leroux talks about how though he hasn’t had trouble dating, he hasn’t met the “right woman” and is hoping to do so now. Leroux had a nice career with the Yankees and the nice Pirates and is since retired. So he’s “leaving the major leagues to find love in primetime,” as one does. He’s looking for someone nice who likes him for him. Best of luck to the Yankee legend!

The Players’ Tribune | Jorge Posada: Jorge Posada writes a nice letter to his younger self. He talks about his nice dad who was his version of Mr. Miyagi from the nice movie The Karate Kid. Posada also talks about coming up through the nice system the Yankees have and his nice transition from being a shortstop/infielder to a catcher. He even goes on to talk about mentoring Francisco Cervelli and his not-so-nice last year as a DH.

“For the longest time — for your entire childhood, really — you never thought of yourself as a catcher. But by the end, you won’t be able to imagine yourself as anything else.”

Nice Didi Victory Tweet

“all around GREAT GAME!!!” indeed.

P.S. Anyone want to guess the nice theme of today’s news?