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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/4/17

Ellsbury’s headaches return, will see a neurologist on return to NY; Aaron Hicks credits mentor’s tough love for his improvement; Girardi squashes idea of Chance Adams replacing Montgomery; Chris Carter probably won’t be starting much longer; meet Brett Weber, the Yankees’ replay coordinator

MLB: New York Yankees at Cincinnati Reds
Get wellsbury.
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Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Bad news for Jacoby Ellsbury. His headaches have returned and as a result, the Yankees have shut down him down from all baseball activities. His injury came as a result of a spectacular catch in which he slammed into the outfield wall. Ellsbury was placed on the seven-day concussion DL and was scheduled to come off of it last Thursday, but did not due to lingering issues. There is no timetable set for his return at his moment. Ellsbury will see a neurologist when the Yankees return to New York. Get well, Ellsbury. Concussions are no joke.

New York Post | George A. King III: With Ellsbury still recovering from his injuries, Aaron Hicks has taken over as the everyday center fielder. To say that Hicks has improved since 2016 would be a gross, gross understatement. There was a reason that the two Aarons made the RF decision hard for the Yankees. Hicks talked about the tough love that his mentor, Torii Hunter, gave him, how he would be on him every day for something he did. Whatever Torii told him, it is paying off. He is currently an on-base, doubles hitting machine. Aaron’t you glad the Yankees didn’t give up on him quite yet?

Newsday | Erik Boland: As mentioned in yesterday’s heroic Around the Empire link dump, Chance Adams has been doing very well. Naturally, said wellness led to reporters asking Joe Girardi if there was a Chance Adams would be called up to replace Jordan Montgomery. The Yankees’ manager quickly squashed that idea, saying that not only has Montgomery earned his spot but that Adams has only pitched a couple of games in Triple-A. Then Montgomery pitched one of the best games of his young professional career, if not the best.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Chris Carter has not had the best time in pinstripes. Greg Bird and Tyler Austin are both rehabbing. Chris Carter is not signed for that long a time. Girardi is currently giving Rob Refsnyder some more reps at first base. It doesn’t look like Chris Carter will be starting for much longer. My apologies to all the massive Chris Carter fans out there in the land of pinstripes.

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Yankees have been doing just about everything right on the field. Off the field, front office clusterbunts aside, they have been doing certain things right. One of those things is replay challenges. The reason the Yankees seem to excel at those has been due to Brett Weber, the Yankees’ replay coordinator. Weber makes sure to familiarize himself with both the rules and the equipment of every team the Yankees’ visit. You know those plays in which the Yankees’ get an out due to the runner lifting his foot off the bag briefly? I use to refer to those as a “Girardi” but now they should forever be know as a “Weber.”

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