First Base is not a problem

First of all under no circumstance should the Yankees bring back Chris Carter. He is at best a slightly below average defender and a strike out king. Greg Bird I seriously believe has more then a physical injury he is dealing with. Opposing pitchers began throwing fastballs up and away (but still in the zone) which he has unable to adjust too with his uppercut "golf" swing. I believe he is totally deflated and the Yankees should hire a sports psychiatrist to counsel him because he looks like a deer in the headlights lately. He is a very talented player and he needs help. Austin Romine has filled in and I think is an above average defender. As a first baseman he has and can visit the mound and reassure the young pitchers who are running into snags. Bring Kyle Higashioka as the back up catcher and leave Romine at first until Wade is healthy.

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