The Ever Fun, possible Trade Deals

It's no secret the Yankees' farm system is stacked. According to the Yanks had the #2 farm system entering the 2017 system. And while they have dipped into that well of prospect goodness with the likes of Aaron Judge being promoted, there are still highly valued prospects still remaining in the system. Let's, for a minute, consider a realistic proposal, and one for funsies proposal.

Yu Darvish

Since entering the league back in 2012, Darvish has proven to be one of the premier pitchers in the majors. He's provided some fun gifs, while also pitching to a tune of a 131 ERA+ since arriving in the states. Although he did undergo Tommy John back in 2015, missing the entire year, his contract of 6 years/$56 million has been an absolute bargain. (Side note: This man is getting paid $14 million less than Ian Kennedy for a year longer!) With the Rangers treading around .500 and the Astros absolutely demolishing the AL West, Texas could deal Darvish in an attempt to retool for the future.

Looking at trades for #1 starters yields a couple of results, firstly we can visit the two trades made to acquire David Price. The first deal involving Price involved mostly major leaguers, so we'll focus on the trade that sent him from Detroit to Toronto. The star of that deal was a consensus top 20 prospect in Daniel Norris, with Jairo Labourt and Matt Boyd (Labourt was the #10 prospect in the Tigers' system at the end of 2015). With this framework in place, a star prospect accompanied by two lesser known yet valuable prospects, we have a good idea of what a trade should look like for Darvish. It should be noted that the Yankees relative farm system is stronger than the mid-2015 Blue Jays system was (it had also been gutted by a trade for Troy Tulowitzki), so the asking price may be higher. So a reasonable deal looking at the Yanks farm system could be a trade centered around Clint Frazier with additional pieces of Albert Abreu and Drew Finley.

Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt would be the most under appreciated player in today's game if Joey Votto did not exist. However, unfortunately for Goldschmidt, Votto exists, and unfortunately for Votto, the Reds exist. Actually, you know what, I'm gonna take that back, Goldschmidt is under appreciated AND he's criminally underpaid. Votto may play for the Reds, but he's getting paid like the future Hall of Famer he is. (Side note: Joey Votto's 10 yr/$225 million contract may be the quietist $200+ million contract in like all of sports ever. When did he sign this? Three years ago! What??) Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked, where were we, oh right Goldy. Goldschmidt is one of those players who can do it all. He hits dongers, gets on base, and also runs incredibly incredibly well.

I know by this point you're like, "semser (or whatever my username is) but the Yankees have discarded of the carcass of old man Chris Carter! We have no more first baseman problems with muh Greg Bird! And Tyler Austin! He hit a homerun that one time back to back with Aaron Judge in his first game! Also we have a DH with Matt Holiday!" And to you I say, shut up, that's a good point I should've considered that, but consider this is a long term move, and also one that could change the franchise. If Goldschmidt were to become available, which is highly unlikely consdering the Diamondbacks surprisingly good start to the season (Holy sh*t they're 49-28???) and Goldschmidt's ludicrously good contract, the D'Backs have him under contract for the next two seasons for $25.6 million, (they're gonna pick up that option year no doubt), Arizona would demand a king's ransom for their franchise player. So with a king's ransom in mind, and absolutely no reference point let's outline a trade.

You'd need a few star players to start to even keep the D'backs attention, so immediately that means Frazier and Rutherford are out the door. To sweeten the pot, that you'd need to entice them with some flashy toolsy lottery ticket type players, so in that case I see the Yanks giving up Dermis Garcia, Domingo Acevedo, and Wilkerman Garcia. Then to make the deal at least worthwhile, you'd need two low ceiling, but high floor players. In that I see Justus Sheffield and Dustin Fowler out the door too. When you really think about it, the Yanks have a hella crazy system, this is a trade involving 7 top 30 prospects, and that avoids the top prospect (Torres), young players who have already broken in (Gary, Judge, Severino, Bird) and also doesn't touch some other highly valued prospects (Mateo, Andujar, and Adams). Anyways, I'd love to hear thoughts, feedback, go Yanks.

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