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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/14/17

The “other” Aaron is realizing his potential; Torres isn’t ready for MLB; Don’t sleep on Sanchez; Jeter still favorite to buy Marlins

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
“Told you I was good at baseball!”
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports | Ken Rosenthal: Everyone has heard about a player on the Yankees named Aaron who is taking over baseball. Lost in that, is the Yankees’ “other” Aaron. Aaron Hicks lost the starting right field job to Aaron Judge, and has had a widely disappointing career after being drafted by the Twins in the first round. This year, though, the “other” Aaron is thriving.

FanGraphs | Jeff Sullivan: Speaking of Hicks performing well, Hicks has been performing well. We’re at the point of his good performance that it’s officially looking like more than just a hot streak. Hicks finally got good. Now staying good is almost just as hard as getting good, but getting good is half the battle. Every day he plays, Hicks is looking more and more like a legitimately good baseball player. Nice to see the “draft bust turns career around” go the Yankees way.

ESPN: Ever since he came over from the Cubs, Gleyber Torres has been the shining star of the Yankees’ farm system. After winning MVP honors in the Arizona Fall League, he didn’t miss a beat in spring training and has already been promoted to Triple-A after starting the season in Double-A. While MLB seems right around the corner, RailRiders manager Al Pedrique says he’s not there just yet. Torres still has to work on his defense at second and third before being ready to play in the big leagues according to Pedrique.

New York Times | Filip Bondy: Aaron Judge has been stealing the headlines this year. Last year, it was Gary Sanchez. Thanks to a slow start by Sanchez, which was probably injury-related, Judge has largely overshadowed the Yankees’ young catcher. Don’t sleep on Gary Sanchez though, the Kraken ain’t slackin’ (sorry). Sanchez seems to have found his swing and looks like he’s about to go on one of those tears that propelled him to the top last year.

Yahoo | Chris Cwik: MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is convinced that Jeffery Loria will eventually sell the Marlins. Yankee legend Derek Jeter still looks like the favorite to end up as the owner of the Marlins. Manfred said that one of Jeter’s group or Tagg Romney’s group will most likely end up being the owners, but if not one of them, he’s at least convinced the Marlins will sell as there are other groups out there. Since Jeter’s name has been the one that’s brought up most, it’s easy to say that he’s the favorite. Miami Marlin2 here we come!