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MLB Draft 2017 results: Day 2 schedule, Yankees picks, and live tracker

Follow along for all the information on the Yankees’ picks from Day 2 of the MLB Draft!

Two picks are down and several more are left to go. Day 2 of the MLB Draft is getting ready to be underway with rounds 3-10 coming this afternoon. In case you missed any of yesterday’s action, here’s where things stand for the Yankees so far:

Yankees’ 2017 Draft Picks - Day 1 Results:

Round 1, Pick 16: RHP Clarke Schmidt - South Carolina

Round 2, Pick 54: RHP Matt Sauer - Righetti HS (CA)

Yankees’ 2017 Draft Picks - Day 2 Results:

Round 3, Pick 92: RHP Trevor Stephan - Arkansas

Round 4, Pick 122: RF Canaan Smith - Rockwell-Heath HS (TX)

Round 5, Pick 152: RHP Glenn Otto - Rice

Round 6, Pick 182: LHP Dalton Lehnen - Augustana

Round 7, Pick 212: RHP Dalton Higgins - Dallas Baptist

Round 8, Pick 242: RHP Kyle Zurak - Radford

Round 9, Pick 272: RHP Austin Gardner - UT-Arlington

Round 10, Pick 302: RHP Chad Whitmer - Southern Illinois

You can also vote on a grade for the team’s first picks here at Pinstripe Alley.

Grading the Yankees’ first pick - Schmidt

Grading the Yankees’ second pick - Sauer

If you want to tune into the action today:

Time - 1:00 pm ET


We will be updating this post throughout the day with the latest Yankees’ picks, so feel free to use this as your open thread for today. What would you like to see the Yankees do in the next few picks?