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2017 MLB Draft: Start time, how to watch, live streaming, draft order

All the information you need to know in order to tune in for this year’s draft.

MLB’s first-year player draft begins this evening. That means we’re about to kick off a good three days worth of content about all the newest players the Yankees will be looking to add to their organization. The draft is taking place Monday-Wednesday this year, which is a departure from the Thursday-Saturday event it has been in year’s past.

Another change for this year is that the first two rounds will take place on the first night. That means that Round 1, the Supplemental Round, and Round 2 will all be tonight. The Yankees have two picks (one in the first round at 14 and one in the second at 54) to contend with.

Here’s how you can tune in for all of the draft action:

Monday June 12: Rounds 1-2

Time - 7:00 pm ET

TV - MLB Network

Online -

Tuesday June 13: Rounds 3-10

Time - 1:00 pm ET

TV - None

Online -

Wednesday June 14: Rounds 11-40

Time - Noon ET

TV - None

Online -

The Minnesota Twins have the first pick, followed by the Reds, Padres, Rays, Braves, Athletics, Diamondbacks, Phillies, Brewers, and Angels to round out the Top 10. The White Sox, Pirates, Marlins, Royals, Astros, Yankees, Mariners, Tigers, Giants, and Mets complete the Top 20 picks. Last up, the Orioles, Jays, Dodgers, Red Sox, Nationals, Rangers, and Cubs are the remaining teams with a first-round pick.

Colorado conceded their first pick in order to sign Ian Desmond in the offseason. The St. Louis Cardinals lost their first pick by signing Dexter Fowler. Cleveland lost their initial pick in the draft by signing Edwin Encarnacion. That gives the Rangers, Cubs, and Blue Jays a supplemental pick.

Stick with us throughout the draft for information on all of the Yankees’ draftees as it becomes available.