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The biggest surprise of the Yankees’ season so far

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of the draft, last week I asked PSA readers what Yankees draft pick they would go back and change if they had the chance. One reader wished that the Yankees had drafted Manny Ramirez instead of Brien Taylor. Another reader indicated that he might forfeit the Yankees’ 2009 World Series title if they could have kept the compensation pick that was used to draft Mike Trout. Here’s hoping that they draft the next Mike Trout tonight.

Here’s this week’s prompt:

What has been the biggest surprise of the Yankees’ season so far?

Feel free to interpret this question as you like. You could narrow in on one specific player, or consider several that you think have over or underperformed. Another idea is to compare the team’s performance so far to the rest of the teams in the AL East, or even the rest of baseball.

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Head over to the FanPost section of the site to submit your answers before Friday (June 16th).