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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/11/17

Judge hits hardest home run ever in the Statcast era; Hicks still playing like an All-Star; between Jeter & Judge, Gardner has been the Yankees’ best draft pick; Frazier, Torres, and other prospects excited watching Judge; Yankees’ offense is overshadowing a very good pitching staff

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Everyone in this photo hit a dinger tonight. You can guess who hit the hardest one.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Aaron the Empire

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: There were a lot of home runs hit in yesterday’s 16-3 bludgeoning. Five, to be exact. The first dinger in yesterday’s game was hit by MLB’s dingleader Aaron Judge. The hardest hit dinger in yesterday’s game was hit by Aaron Judge. The hardest hit dinger in the Statcast era, or since 2015, was hit by Aaron Judge. It has a 121.1 MPH exit velocity. John Sterling did not even reach the “it is far” part of his home run call before Judge’s shot was in the seats. Your honor, what I’m trying to say is that the Judge hits powerful dingers. Actually, he hits powerful singles and doubles as well. The catcher who is known as Gary thinks Judge could one even harder than that. I don’t think anyone would object except maybe the baseball’s family.

Newsday | Laura Albanese: Next up on Pinstripe Aaron, Aaron Hicks. Hicks did not have a home run last night. He had two home runs the previous night though. The Yankees think he should go to the All-Star Game. This is probably because he should go to the All-Star Game. Even when Jacoby Ellsbury comes off the DL, Girardi and friends have no plans to sit him often. This is probably because he is playing like an All-Star.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Draft Week begins tomorrow. Be sure to follow Pinstripe Aaron’s non-stop coverage of the Yankees’ draft picks. With Aaron Judge undoubtedly headed for Miami to appease the Marlins’ soul-eating dinger monstrosity, talks of the Yankees’ previous draft picks are in the air. Obviously Judge and Jeter are the two most will think of lately. Brett Gardner should be in the mix as well. Gardner is not Jeter, nor is he Judge. He was picked in the 3rd round in 2005. Nevertheless, Gardner represents one of their best picks with what he has done for the Yankees over the years. Soon though, we’ll get to see what some other draft picks can do for the team.

New York Daily News | Evan Grossman: Have you heard of Aaron Judge? No? Well, let me fill you in. Judge is doing superb. Everyone is talking about it, especially players in the Yankees’ farm system. Baby Bombers from Clint Frazier to Gleyber Torres are watching what Judge is accomplishing and they are getting more and more excited to join him in the majors. Greg Bird, continuing his rehab on the Railriders, can see the effect it’s having on his Triple-A teammates. It’s hard not to be excited. What an exciting time.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: The offense has been the talk of the town, no thanks to that Aaron Judge fellow. While it was the primary story of last night’s game, Luis Severino’s performance was equally incredible. Sevy had a perfect game going into the 5th inning. He had a shutout going into the 7th. Seven innings, one run, two walks, eight strikeouts. That, my friends, is what we call good pitching. Outside of Tanaka, because baseball makes sense, the Yankees’ pitching staff has been pretty gosh darn diddily good. If they can continue being good as well as fix Tanaka, that would be swell.

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