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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/9/17

The Yankees are the best team in baseball. Let that sink in; Aaron Judge gets the night off to rest slightly bruised knees; Yankees almost missed their flight to Cincinnati; Derek Jeter has one regret in his career

MLB: New York Yankees at Cincinnati Reds
“Look at these silly nillies!” -Aaron Hicks
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Around the Empire

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: The Yankees are good. Scratch that. The Yankees are really good. Nix that as well. The Yankees are currently the best team in baseball. There, that’s more accurate. Not only have they been the best but they’ve been besting it up without key parts of their lineup during this current incredible run. Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius have been absent more than present this season. Greg Bird has had a rough start. Tanaka and CC have been merely okay. Yet here they stand, top of the list, king of the hill.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Aaron Judge, our large adult son, was noticeably absent from yesterday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds. It turns out that Judge has been dealing with some bruises on his knee from running into the wall at Fenway while making that spectacular catch. It hasn’t really affected his hitting much, but Girardi decided to give him the day off anyway. Being that every other member of the outfield is hitting well right now, there was no harm in doing so.

Sports Illustrated | SI Wire: One downside to playing eighteen innings of baseball after an 8PM start time, other than everything, is potentially missing your flight. That nearly happened to the Yankees after Sunday night/Monday morning’s soul sucking win. Apparently they made their charter flight to Cincinnati with only fourteen minutes to spare. If they didn’t make their flight, the only other option was to steal Joe Maddon’s RV.

New York Post | Brian Lewis: It’s Derek Jeter Week on YES Network and in all our pinstriped hearts and minds. Yes, we’re going Full Jeets Ahead as we approach his number retirement ceremony. Jeter apparently has one regret in his illustrious career. During his final season, Jeter kept a journal that he’d write in every day. His one regret is that he didn’t do that his entire season. I regret that as well, mainly because I just like imagining a young Derek Jeter writing “Dear Journal. Hey, it’s me, Derek!” ala Doug.

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Also, a happy birthday to our site leader, Tanya! The Yankees owe her the gift of a seven game winning streak.