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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/8/17

Cashman would’ve helped Girardi get Cubs gig; Hicks has been what the Yankees hoped for; Sanchez’s daughter inspiration behind his stardom; Castro offers words of wisdom to Rizzo

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Yankees
“Yes, THAT’S where the Cubs dugout is. I could’ve been sitting right there if I wanted.”
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: Back in October 2013, Joe Girardi had just finished his first contract with the Yankees. At the time, Cashman and the Yankees wanted Girardi back, but offered to help him become the Cubs manager if Girardi wanted to go that direction. Obviously he ended up staying with the Yankees, but there’s a chance that he, instead of Joe Maddon, could’ve been behind the bench when the Cubs broke the 108-year drought. The Yankee skipper has no regrets, however. He’s happy in New York.

FanRag Sports | Gary Phillips: Aaron Hicks has been a sight for sore eyes this season. This is exactly what the Yankees were hoping for when they traded John Ryan Murphy to the Twins. At the time it seemed like a fair deal, and last year it seemed that both teams lost, but with Murphy struggling barely hanging on in Triple-A and Hicks mashing in New York, the trade might be leaning in the Yankees favor right now. At least in New York, Hicks has found his biggest fan.

ESPN | Buster Olney: They say behind every successful man is a woman. For Gary Sanchez, that woman is his daughter, Sarah. Before Sanchez became the Kraken and before he became Gary, he was a catching prospect in the Yankees system with a ton of talent but one who seemingly lingered around forever. He couldn’t put it together. But after his daughter was born, Sanchez found a sense of purpose that inspired his turnaround and thus inspired us all to be Gary.

ESPN | Marly Rivera: Before he came to the Yankees, Starlin Castro was the face of the Cubs before the real faces of the Cubs showed up. Before the Cubs found their dominance, they had Castro to look forward to. Then Castro started to struggle, but a young kid by the name of Anthony Rizzo was there to remind Castro of the player he was capable of being. With his return to Chicago, Castro was there now to pick Rizzo up and return the favor.