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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/7/17

A-Rod isn’t buying the Marlins; The Evil Empire strikes back; Jacoby Ellsbury could return soon; Pitchers are trying to adjust to Aaron Judge

2016 US Open - Day 13 Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Fox Sports | Ken Rosenthal - Alex Rodriguez has kept busy since stepping off the field last August. He’s joined the Fox Sports panel, served as a special advisor to the Yankees, and developed the A-Rod Corp. brand. That’s quite the resumé. He won’t add Owner of the Miami Marlins to it, however. Per Rosenthal, Rodriguez was approached by Tagg Romney and Tom Glavine to join their ownership group. He declined, however, deciding to focus on his other ventures. Maybe he didn’t want to disre2pect Derek Jeter by bidding against him - / gets chased away by angry seagulls.

ESPN | Andrew Marchand - “There’s been an awakening, have you felt it?” asked Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A stretch of dominant baseball by the Yankees has forced other teams to ask the same question. Comparisons to the original Evil Empire are, at best, a stretch due to the team’s composition. Nevertheless, the 2017 Yankees are good, and other clubs are taking notice. | Bryan Hoch - Jacoby Ellsbury suffered a bruised nerve in his left elbow while making a diving catch on Monday. In the games since, he’s been limited to just one pinch-hit plate appearance. He appears to be on the mend, however, as reports indicate he could return to the lineup tomorrow. The speedy center fielder owns a .282/.351/.412 batting line with three home runs this season. This team is inching towards full health, which is quite the scary thought.

FanRag | Evan Davis - Aaron Judge went 0 - 5 on Saturday night against the Cubs. That’s somewhat comforting as it proves he’s not a dinger-mashing robot. Nevertheless, he’s still a scary at-bat. Pitchers are trying to target his weak spots, namely soft stuff down in the zone and fastballs up, but they’re not finding success.

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