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Yankees 2017 Draft Preview: An introduction

The 2017 MLB First-Year Player Draft will be held from June 12-14.

The 2017 MLB Draft will be held on June 12-14.

The 2017 MLB First-Year Player Draft is upon us. The first two rounds of the draft will take place on Monday, June 12th. This includes compensatory picks for any free agent lost because the player rejected a qualifying offer, plus Competitive Balance Rounds A and B, which follow the first and second rounds, respectively. Rounds three through ten will take place on Tuesday, June 13th, and rounds 11-40 will be held on Wednesday, June 14th.

The draft will be carried live on and Naturally, we will have full Yankees coverage on Pinstripe Alley.

Changes to the MLB First-Year Player Draft for 2017

Competitive Balance picks are no longer awarded by lottery. Instead, qualifying clubs — the 10 smallest market teams and the 10 with the lowest revenue — will receive picks in either Round A or Round B. Competitive Balance picks are now rotated for qualifying franchises between the two rounds in alternating years.

Another change in the draft that will take effect this year regards slot values. They have been compressed so that the slot values for the first two rounds are lower than they had been in previous years, while the slot values for the later rounds are higher.

The Yankees will pick 16th in the 2017 MLB draft

The New York Yankees have the 16th pick overall this year. They also have the 54th pick (second round) and 92nd pick (third round). The team has the 17th pick in each round from rounds four through 40.

The Yankees did not lose any draft picks this year because they did not sign any qualified free agents. Matt Holliday and Chris Carter did not receive qualifying offers, while Aroldis Chapman was ineligible to receive one because he had been traded. The Yankees also did not gain any compensation picks this year. They traded key pending free agents mid-season, including Carlos Beltran, Ivan Nova, and Chapman.

Notable players picked 16th and later

Talented players have been selected with the 16th pick over the years. The Yankees chose James Kaprielian with the 16th pick of the 2015 MLB Draft, who is currently ranked fifth on the list of top Yankees' prospects by Baseball America. Other notable players selected 16th overall include Brett Lawrie (2008 by the Brewers), Nick Swisher (2002 by the Athletics), and Lance Berkman (1997 by the Astros).

The Yankees have been successful in drafting talent in later rounds, as well. Ron Guidry was picked in the third round in 1970, while Don Mattingly was selected in the 19th round in 1979. Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada were drafted in the 22nd and 24th rounds in 1990, respectively. Hall of Famers can even be had with late-round picks. Jeff Bagwell was selected in the fourth round of the 1989 Draft, and Tim Raines was drafted fifth round in 1977.

The Yankees bonus pool is $6.9 million for the 2017 draft

The Yankees’ total bonus pool is $6,912,800 for this year's draft, which ranks 19th among MLB clubs. The Twins are first with $14,156,800, while the Cardinals are 30th with $2,176,000. Here are the Yankees’ individual slot values for the 2017 draft:

  • First Round (16th overall): $3,458,600
  • Second Round (54th): $1,236,000
  • Third Round (92nd): $588,700
  • Fourth Round (122nd): $433, 100
  • Fifth Round (152nd): $323,400
  • Sixth Round (182nd): $247, 600
  • Seventh Round (212nd): $193,700
  • Eighth Round (242nd): $157,200
  • Ninth Round (272nd): $141,200
  • Tenth Round (302nd): $133,300

2017 MLB Draft Round One

Pick Team Slot Value
Pick Team Slot Value
1 Minnesota Twins $7,770,700
2 Cincinnati Reds $7,193,200
3 San Diego Padres $6,668,100
4 Tampa Bay Rays $6,153,600
5 Atlanta Braves $5,707,300
6 Oakland Athletics $5,303,000
7 Arizona Diamondbacks $5,016,300
8 Philadelphia Phillies $4,780,400
9 Milwaukee Brewers $4,570,000
10 Los Angeles Angels $4,376,800
11 Chicago White Sox $4,199,200
12 Pittsburgh Pirates $4,032,000
13 Miami Marlins $3,875,800
14 Kansas City Royals $3,727,600
15 Houston Astros $3,588,200
16 New York Yankees $3,458,600
17 Seattle Mariners $3,333,200
18 Detroit Tigers $3,214,600
19 San Francisco Giants $3,101,700
20 New York Mets $2,994,500
21 Baltimore Orioles $2,892,400
22 Toronto Blue Jays $2,795,200
23 Los Angeles Dodgers $2,702,700
24 Boston Red Sox $2,614,500
25 Washington Nationals $2,530,400
26 Texas Rangers $2,450,100
27 Chicago Cubs $2,373,300
28 Toronto Blue Jays (comp 1) $2,302,900
29 Texas Rangers (comp 2) $2,238,900
30 Chicago Cubs (comp 3) $2,184,300


  • The 28th pick to the Blue Jays is compensation for Edwin Encarnacion, who signed with the Indians. Cleveland forfeited its first-round pick.
  • The 29th pick to the Rangers is compensation for Ian Desmond, who signed with the Rockies. Colorado forfeited its first-round pick.
  • The 30th pick to the Cubs is compensation for Dexter Fowler, who signed with the Cardinals. St. Louis forfeited its first-round pick.

The draft order and slot values for the remaining rounds can be viewed here on Tanya and Jason will be providing live coverage of the draft, per usual. In the meantime, check out our daily updates leading up to the draft.