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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/3/17

Romine exits game early; Bird on the DL, Ellsbury could follow; Sabathia says racist comments expected in Boston; Judge’s road to majors not easy; Judge had a great April; Cashman won’t risk Torres’ development

MLB: New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates
“I’m taking you with me”
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Around the Empire

New York Post | Dan Martin: Austin Romine left yesterday’s game in the sixth inning when he seemingly hurt himself running from second base to third. After the training staff checked on him, he initially stayed in the game and even got his catching gear on. Before the next inning started, however, he was instructed to go back to the clubhouse and Kyle Higashioka took over. They later announced he got a cramp in his right groin. I’m sure more will come on this today. Hopefully he doesn’t have to miss a significant amount of time, but the timing of Gary Sanchez’s eventual return couldn’t be better.

New York Post | Dan Martin: If you haven’t heard, the unfortunate word is that Greg Bird is on the 10-day disabled list. Since fouling a ball off his ankle at the end of spring training, Bird has struggled, so an injury makes sense. Girardi reached peak bleak status when he referenced Mark Teixeira’s bone bruise from 2015. Jacoby Ellsbury also seems to be hurt after crashing into the outfield wall in Monday’s loss. The Yankees are giving him until Friday, at which point he’s either healthy or will go on the disabled list as well.

New York Daily News | John Healy: There’s some bad blood brewing between the Red Sox and the Orioles these days. On Monday night, Adam Jones endured some disgusting racist taunts thrown his way. CC Sabathia and Reggie Jackson have weighed in on the subject. While the former was angry about what took place, the latter was sad that this kind of stuff still takes place. Sabathia had the most damning quote of it all though:

CBS | Sweeny Murti: One might think that because of his raw power, Aaron Judge had an easy trek to the majors. It was actually quite the opposite. Sure the power was there, but Judge seemingly had a major disadvantage: his height and build. Judge looks like a football or basketball player rather than a baseball player, yet here he is destroying baseballs. He’s just always had to prove that he can do it, and that he won’t let opposing pitchers take advantage of his height. So far, he’s passed the test and broken a TV.

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: Aaron Judge was very good during the month of April. In fact his April has been one of the best in recent history and he’s officially put himself on the map. What he’s doing now is what Gary Sanchez did last year, put the team on his back. If he continues this way, he’ll work his way into the All-Star Game and potentially carry the Yankees back into the playoffs. #JudgeStrong

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: When Didi Gregorius got hurt at the World Baseball Classic, Gleyber Torres was tearing it up in spring training and many wanted the Yankees to bring him to the Bronx. Brian Cashman and co. rightfully decided against that. After a short stint on the disabled list, Torres is back in Trenton and tearing it up. Cashman explains his decision and that he’s not going to succumb to pressure and risk Torres’ development. What’s exciting, though, is this line:

We had an opposing manager within our division — I won’t say who it was — tell one of my coaches, ‘Hey are you guys going to bring Torres to the big leagues?’ And the answer was, ‘No, Cash won’t let us.’ And the opposing manager said, ‘Good.’


Plea2e Cringe

First off, thanks to Matt Ferenchick for making this one of my favorite jokes. Now, please follow this link and watch this extremely awkward interview with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod, bless his heart, tries his best to salvage this interview but you can see they’re both quite over it.

Didi Victory Tweet

So much to take in here, but I’ve missed these so much.