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The Yankees’ best and worst draft picks

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Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

Last week I asked PSA readers what moves they thought the Yankees should make before the trade deadline. The general consensus was that the Yankees should acquire starting pitching help. Other Yankees fans advised the team to be patient, avoid trading the farm, and stay focused on the future. We just have to wait a few months to find out what the Yankees decide to do. You can catch all of last week’s submissions here.

Now for this week’s prompt:

Who are the Yankees’ best and worst draft picks?

The 2017 draft is just two weeks away, and the Yankees hold the 16th overall pick. It is just about impossible to predict whether any one player will have a successful MLB career. Naturally, the Yankees have made some great selections and some awful selections since the draft started back in 1965. Feel free to interpret the question as you see fit. One idea could be to go through and name the best and worst draft picks of each decade. Alternatively, you might prefer to come up with the best and worst draft pick of all time, or put together a list of five players for each category. Be creative!

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