Pinstripe Alley's guide to using FanPosts and FanShots

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Without question, one of the best things about Pinstripe Alley is the community. Many readers choose to express their opinions by commenting on articles and following along in the game threads. Comments can be useful for sparking quick discussions with other members. Another great way for PSA members to share their views is by utilizing FanPosts and FanShots.


Generally speaking, article comments and game thread discussions are only a few sentences in length, and sometimes a great point can get lost in the weeds. We recommend turning to the FanPost section to share your thoughts when you have more than 250 words to say about something. FanPosts are your chance to put together an article that could run on the front page along with the PSA staff's regular articles. In the FanPost section of the site, the attention is focused all on you, and you have the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Here's how to get started:

Locate the FanPosts section in one of two ways. 1) Go to the right side of the front page, scroll down to FanPosts (pictured below) and click "Post your own." 2) Click on "FanPosts" at the top of the front page. Select "New FanPost" to get started on that screen.


Whichever route you take, once you start a new FanPost you will find yourself looking at a white screen with a "Title" and "Body" section. It looks similar to a comment box. Make sure that you create a title that is catchy and informative. Keep in mind that the title alone is what will draw readers in.

The rest of the process is fairly straightforward and should be easy to navigate if you are familiar with Microsoft Word. Among other things, there are options to bold, italicize, quote, and make bullet points or numbered lists. You can insert hyperlinks, and even attach a poll at the end of your post.

Once you've looked it over a final time, simply click "Publish" to post your FanPost to the site.


A FanShot is a way for you to share something quickly. This is a good place to share a relevant Yankees Tweet, video, image, or quote that you stumbled upon.

The process is very similar to that of creating a FanPost. Simply scroll down the right side of the front page past the FanPosts section until you find FanShots. Click on the "+ FanShot" button pictured below to get started. Alternatively, you can get to the same place by selecting the "FanShots" button at the top of very top of the site.


Once you're in the right place, select whether you are sharing a quote, image, link, or video. Depending on what you are sharing, you'll be asked to paste in a link to the URL, provide the video HTML, or paste in the quote. Make sure that you create a catchy title, and include a brief description of the content you are sharing. Click the "Publish" button when you are ready to post.

Don't forget to check out our tips for writing a good FanPost. Let us know if you have any further questions or still can't figure out how to get started. We look forward to reading your FanPosts and FanShots!

FanPosts are user-created content and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Pinstripe Alley writing staff or SB Nation.