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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/16/17

Players talk about what Derek Jeter meant to them personally; the Dynasty Era Yankees were pretty awesome; Cashman did not seem pleased about Chapman not disclosing his injury; starting pitching is this team’s weakness; A-Rod to join the cast of Shark Tank this fall

Derek Jeter Ceremony
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Around the Empire

The Players’ Tribune | CC Sabathia, Manny Machado, Dellin Betances, Mookie Betts, and Dexter Fowler: This article has a lot of writers and those writers are writing about the two and only, Derek Jeter. As you well know, Jeter’s number was retired on Sunday. The legacy of Jeter has been well documented. The players who wrote pieces in this Players’ Tribune exclusive describe what Jeter personally meant to them and how he impacted their own lives. | Mark Feinsand: You know what’s really cool about Derek Jeter? The Dynasty years. Those were pretty awesome times. Some might describe them as the awesomiest times in Yankee Baseball history. A lot of people probably take what those Yankees did for granted. Andy Pettitte didn’t quite realize what they had done during those years until reflecting on it later on. It was pretty awesome.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Brian Cashman spoke with reporters about the current situation regarding Aroldis Chapman’s injury. Well, less about the injury itself and more about the fact that Chapman foolishly didn’t tell anyone that he was feeling pain in his shoulder. Cashman did not seem pleased about that fact. Chapman looks to miss about a month of playing time. This leaves designated 8th inning guy Dellin Betances as the closer and Randy Levine looking at about a month of declining ticket sales.

Newsday | Laura Albanese: The Yankees started off the season very well. This series against the red-hot Astros have helped to highlight the team’s primary question mark going into the regular season. For the most part, their starting pitching has been adequate. Adequate pitching, combined with their excellent offense, might very well be able to take them to the postseason. They also might look to add another starter to the mix as the season progressing. Whether said starter comes from the farm or via a trade remains to be seen.

New York Daily News | John Healy: The founder of A-Rod Corp, Alex Rodriguez, will be joining the cast of ABC’s Shark Tank this fall. A-Rod is making the most of his retirement and capitalizing on his opportunities. He says that he will only be a “guest shark” but we’ll see how long that lasts.