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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/12/17

Bird needs more time; Jeter says thank you; Jeter’s legacy active in baseball through his number; 10 years since Suzyn Waldman’s Clemens call; Girardi is one of the best managers; Gallegos called up

MLB: New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Dan Martin: When Greg Bird first went on the disabled list, the original course of action was to wait 10 days before re-evaluating him. Yesterday hit the 10 day mark, but unfortunately the Yankees did not get the good news they were hoping for. After evaluation, Bird is still feeling pain in his ankle and they won’t have him start baseball activities until he’s pain-free. So for now, they’re going to give him time, which makes sense. No need to rush him back.

The Players’ Tribune | Derek Jeter: Derek Jeter writes a letter in which he thanks me and me only for supporting him throughout his career. He writes about how I made New York feel like home to him and how I welcomed him with open arms but challenged him to earn my RE2PECT. I made Derek Jeter what he is today, so on Sunday when they retire his number, they’ll really be retiring my number. You’re all welcome. Especially you, Derek. Or rather: “you 2, Derek.”

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: R-E-TWO-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means 2 me! Derek Jeter’s iconic #2 will be retired by the Yankees on Sunday, but just because no Yankee will ever wear that number again doesn’t mean it doesn’t live on. Throughout baseball, 21 players currently wear the #2 and nearly half wear it to honor Jeter. His legacy lives in the sport because so many young players grew up watching Jeter and pursued being a shortstop because of him and wear that number to honor him.

Vice Sports | David Roth: This week was the 10-year anniversary of Roger Clemens announcing his come back from George Steinbrenner’s box and Suzyn Waldman going crazy on the radio. This piece is a very good read that looks back on that and all the nonsense she had to deal with both before and after that call. Just read some of the comments George Steinbrenner made to her. It’s awful. She may not be the best at her job, but she deserves respect for fighting through. It’s worth your time to read this.

CBS | Steve Silverman: Get your pitchforks and torches ready: Yankees fans should be happy that Joe Girardi is the manager. Joe Maddon is regarded by some as the best manager in baseball and a lot of that has to do with his wacky, mad scientist ways of managing baseball. But Girardi has a very straight-forward approach to managing that Yankee fans should be thankful for.

Minor League Ball | John Sickels: Prior to yesterday’s game against the Astros, the Yankees called up Giovanny Gallegos. After the loss to the Reds, the team sent Chad Green back down to Triple-A presumably so he can go back to starting and staying fresh instead of just sitting in the Yankee bullpen. Gallegos, who will probably be used in a middle-relief role, has excellent strikeout numbers in Triple-A this year. This is a good introduction profile on Gallegos if you don’t know much about him.