Best/ Worst things about attending a Yankee game.

The best thing about attending a Yankee game, for me and my kids, is the Yankee love. We live in Red Sox territory, and spend time in Rays territory, and have seen games in both ballparks. Fenway is a good place to have beer spilled on you if you support the visitors. The Trop, by contrast, is typically half Yankee fans, but the atmosphere suggests that everyone has had valium added to their soft drink. If you are a Yankee fan in Yankee Stadium, you are home.

The second best thing is that you don't have to constantly check your phone or the out- of- town scoreboard.

Third best- (I often can't watch the game on tv for various reasons)- we don't have to suffer through the insufferable John Sterling. When I put the radio on mid- game, I play a game with myself. How long will it take me to figure out a) who is winning, b) by how much, and c) the actual score. Although the game is challenging, it isn't as much fun as it sounds like. Also, knowing the count, who is at bat (as opposed to who he thinks it is), and whether the umpire thought the pitch was a strike are surprisingly important. None of this matters at the ballpark.

The worst things- the hassle and expense. It takes us a long time to get to the park- we allow four hours by car. Inside the Stadium, even if it is half empty, you risk arrest if you try to move down to better seats. And no one will mistake New York courtesy for southern hospitality, ever. (Although Red Sox Nation is the worst, make no mistake).

Finally, the expense. Let's just say it costs a lot, and leave it at that.

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