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Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush win bid to purchase Miami Marlins

What strange bedfellows

Hero World Challenge - Preview Day 3 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Following his retirement from baseball in 2014, Derek Jeter launched The Players’ Tribune in order to provide professional athletes with a platform all their own. Still, when asked about his future in baseball, he has always stated that he wanted to become an owner some day. Now that day has arrived with Jeter’s investment group, which also includes politician Jeb Bush, winning the bid for the Miami Marlins.

Over the last few months, we have learned that polarizing baseball owner Jeffrey Loria wanted to get out of the business. After taking bids from multiple investment groups—including one led by Mitt Romney’s son Tagg and another led by New York businessman Wayne Rothbaum—the Jeter/Bush group won on a $1.3 billion bid. Despite the announcement, it still could take months for the sale to be official, since it has to be approved by Major League Baseball.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Jeb, the former governor of Florida, will hold control over the franchise. Jeter, meanwhile, will also have an active role, likely retaining some form of decision-making rights. Obviously, we’ll know more about the situation in the days to come, but it looks like Derek Jeter is finally due to take on the role of team owner.

This won’t be the first time a beloved Yankees player has gone on to another organization. Joe Torre went on to manage the Dodgers. Don Mattingly followed him and is currently the manager of the Marlins, which is particularly interesting because Jeter is now his boss.

The Yankees are due to celebrate the career of Derek Jeter next month, culminating with Derek Jeter Day on May 14th when the franchise will seemingly retire his number. Now that Jeter is in charge of another team, will this change the tone of the day’s festivities? How will this affect the fans? What do you think of Derek Jeter now being the enemy?