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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/22/17

Aaron Judge catching everyone’s eye; Didi Gregorius has a great first rehab game; Gary Sanchez has one of the best selling jerseys in the majors; Chance Adams thinks he can pitch better

MLB: New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire

New York Post | Kevin Kernan: Aaron Judge is currently one of the most talked about players in the league right now. His massive size and incredibly hard hit dingers are catching everyone’s eye. They certainly caught the eyes of the Yankees’ scout some years back. They caught on to his approach to hitting early on, as well as his overall demeanor. Oh yeah, and the power. The power is pretty neat.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: The Yankees have gotten off to a pretty great start in April. This has all been without Yankee SS and best tweeterer Sir Didi Gregorius. Yesterday, Didi played in his first minor-league rehab game. It went well. The hope is that he should be back on the team by the beginning of May. No word yet on when he’ll be back on twitter, tweeting out his glorious victory tweets.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Gary Sanchez is also on the mend. On Wednesday, Sanchez was throwing the ball around and felt no pain. So far, Gary’s recovery is on schedule. Meanwhile, his jersey is making a profit. The numbers are in and Gary Sanchez’s number is the ninth best selling jersey in the majors. It’s also the best selling AL jersey. I guess we don’t need Mike Trout anymore!

New York Post | Mark Sanchez: Rookie pitcher Chance Adams is having a good start to his minor-league season. Chance Adams doesn’t really think so though. Despite just being names the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week, Chance feels that he still has some room for improvement regarding his mechanics. Hopefully he gets to a place where he’s comfortable.