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Introducing Pinstripe Alley’s newest editor and writers

Please join me in welcoming some new faces to the Pinstripe Alley staff!

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

One of the most flattering things about running Pinstripe Alley is the way so many people want to get involved in what we’re doing here. I receive regular emails from people wanting to join the staff, and every writer search is just full of talented people interested in being part of the team.

Writer searches are long and tedious on this side of things, but being able to bring new perspectives to the site is always exciting. I always wish I had room for more people who want to talk about the Yankees, but I know that the staff is always changing. If you applied and didn’t hear from me this time, I encourage you to keep writing. Our Fanpost section is always open, and we’re always keeping an eye out there first when we need a new addition.

That being said, I’m very lucky to have found six new voices to bring to the site. You have likely already seen them around, but I wanted to give them the formal introduction they deserve.

Brett Borzelli, Kenny Crocker, Joshua Diemert, Brock Hammond, TJ Knapp, and Miles Park are all great writers with unique and interesting perspectives. Some of them, like in the case of Joshua, have been foundations of the PSA community for quite some time. Others are brand new. All are willing to share their takes on the Yankees with Pinstripe Alley, and we’re so happy to have them.

In addition to the six new writers, the Pinstripe Alley staff also needed to replace an editor. Andrew Mearns had been my right-hand man since before I ever took over as managing editor of the site. At one point he and I were basically running the site on our own for months, and I had grown to depend on him as an extension of myself. It’s still pretty strange without him as part of our staff family, but the show must go on.

Stepping into that editor role is Tyler Norton. Tyler has been writing for Pinstripe Alley for nearly a year now, and has been a fantastic part of our success over that time. He is a hard worker with a great voice for writing about all things Yankees. Anything I’ve asked of Tyler has always been met with enthusiasm and willingness, which is so invaluable in this space. I owe so much of the success of this site to the quality of my editors, and I have all the confidence in the world that Tyler will be a further extension of that.

I truly do believe that this is one of the best places on the internet to talk about all things Yankees. The staff members who are willing to follow my ideas and goals anywhere I ask are the cornerstone of that being true. It can be quite a thankless job at times, but I hope they know how much I appreciate them. I know you all appreciate what they do as well.

Thank you again to all who applied to join the staff this time around. I absolutely encourage you to keep writing about the Yankees, and I look forward to reading it.