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A definitive ranking of Didi Gregorius’ 2016 victory tweets

With the 2017 season about to start, here’s a look back at 2016 through the eyes of Didi Gregorius.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If you are not on Twitter, then odds are, you are missing one of the best things about the Yankees: Didi Gregorius’ Twitter account. More specifically, you are missing his postgame victory tweets.

After wins, Didi likes to hop on Twitter, and give a very endearing, 140-character recap of the game.

With the 2017 season about to start, and hopefully many victory tweets ahead, here is a definitive ranking of Didi’s 2016 victory tweets.

#84-48: Regulation Didi tweets

Not every victory tweet can be memorable. Some days you just get a normal tweet, and that’s okay.

Even ones that lean more towards the boring end of Gregorius’ tweets are still pretty adorable.

#47-44: Belt pictures

At some point last season, the Yankees began giving out a WWE-style championship belt to the player of the game. Occasionally, Didi would include a picture of the person with the belt after some wins.

Following that Gary Sanchez tweet, the next day’s victory tweet included literally the exact same picture of him because he had a two home run day. Sanchez was pretty decent in 2016.

#43: Tyler Austin’s feet


#42-40: Exstra

We all make mistakes. Some of Didi’s include spelling extra a certain way.

#39-15: Emojis

Didi is a pretty big fan of emojis, and is not afraid to dig deep into the emoji keyboard to find some to use.

Didi is probably one of few people in the world to bust out the house emoji.

#14-8: Random hashtags

One notable trope of Didi’s victory tweets is the hashtagging of the names of the game’s key players. In 2015, he mentioned “#birdmachine” several times following good games from Greg Bird. Several tweets from 2016 contain some random, but funny nickname hashtags that show off the imagination of Didi Gregorius. Here is a sampling:


Unfortunately, #Parm wasn’t seen from much in New York shortly after this tweet.

#7: Sentimental Didi

Two big Yankees retired last season in Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Didi being the seemingly nice and well-mannered person that he is made sure to pay his respects to them.

The Tex one came after a loss and doesn’t officially count on this list, but it is still worth of inclusion in this post.

#6: May 4th

Who knew Didi was a Star Wars fan?

#5: The bobblehead

The Yankees gave away a Didi bobblehead on August 7th of last year. Thankfully, the Yankees won on that day and we got this. Did the Yankees win, Didi bobblehead?

#4-2: The taco tweets

Didi very much enjoys when people go oppo taco on days that aren’t Tuesday. Also, “great relieve” is also pretty good.

#1: The Post-Didi walk-off tweet

On June 29, Gregorius hit a walk-off home run to cap off a six-run rally in the ninth to beat the Rangers. Naturally, Didi made no mention of his own heroics. It also serves as a good encapsulation of what Didi seems like: a nice guy who likes playing baseball.

Hopefully Didi gets better soon, and may there be many victory tweets in 2017.