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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/9/17

White Sox potentially scouting the Yankees’ for a future Jose Quintana trade; Gary Sanchez and Matt Holliday could make a dangerous 3-4 combo in the lineup; Severino needs to work on his fastball command; Willie Randolph will get to honor his hero during the WBC; A-Rod and J-Lo are a thing; Jeter and Tim Green are creating a children’s book

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
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Around the Empire

New York Post | George A. King III: The Chicago White Sox, the sock-based team that’s not quite as bad as the other putrid sock-based team, have apparently had a scout at every Yankee spring training game thus far. This could mean that the White Sox are biting at the news about Rob Refsnyder being available and that they’re willing to trade Jose Quintana for him. It’s pretty much a done deal. The White Sox could, and that’s a big could, ask for more than just Refsnyder though. We’ll see.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Gary Sanchez is having himself an okay spring training so far. He who was foretold in song and myth to be Gary, hit a monster home run yesterday with his Gary-like power. Matt Holliday, who will undoubtedly be protecting the being named Gary, also hit another home run. It’s only spring training, but that is already looking to be a potentially dangerous 3-4 combo in the lineup.

Newsday | Erik Boland: The battle for the rotation rolls along. A lot of talk has been about Luis Severino’s changeup, but yesterday it was his fastball command that was on Joe Girardi’s mind. Girardi did not pull any punches when discussing Severino’s need to improve his fastball command outside of the bullpen sessions. It’s hard to disagree with him.

New York Daily News | John Healy: Willie Randolph is the third base coach for Team U.S.A. in the WBC. The former Yankee legend will get a chance to honor one of baseball’s legends during the WBC. Willie has been given permission to wear #42 in honor of his hero, Jackie Robinson. It’s always a joyous thing to see Willie Randolph happy.

Cut4 | Matt Monagan: It has been an interesting week in the world of Rod. Alex Rodriguez will be in the Fox booth this season and now it turns out that he has been dating Jennifer Lopez. That’s really all there is to this story.

CBS News: Derek Jeter is going to teach children re2pect at a young age. Jeter is teaming up with the Atlanta Falcons’ Tim Green to create a children’s book called Baseball Genius. The main character is named after Jeter’s young nephew, Jalen. It’s clear to see that Jalen will do things his way in Baseball Genius.


There’s something else we need to address:

There’s a lot in this picture to talk about. Michael Kay needing to be loud both on in and in a yoga studio. Paul O’Neill’s super serious focused face. The fact that Ken Singleton chose the right grail and it currently drinking from it. Ruocco’s incredi-thighs.

What stands out to you?