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What moment in franchise history would you go back and change?

Turn your answer into a FanPost.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s time for another FanPost Friday prompt. Last week’s prompt didn’t receive any submissions (womp womp), so hopefully we’ll get back on track this week. Feel free to submit something for that prompt this week, if the inspiration strikes.

On the topic of submissions, if you have a prompt that you would like to see featured, shoot us an email at pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com. No guarantee that we will use every idea that is submitted, but the goal is for the prompt to be something that our readers are interested in writing about.

Here is this week’s prompt:

What moment in franchise history would you go back and change AND what would you have happen in that moment instead?

This is obviously a very open-ended question, so feel free to interpret it as you like but try to limit your answer to just one moment. Maybe you would have had the Yankees sign one player instead of another. Perhaps you would have changed pitchers or used a pinch hitter at a critical moment in a postseason game. Or would you have used a draft pick on a different player? Andrew discussed some possible ideas for this topic here.

As usual, check out our tips for writing a good FanPost. Remember that we’re looking for at least 250 words, and if you can’t reach that then you may not have fleshed out your idea completely. Set the stage for us leading up to the moment you would change. If you’re changing a moment in a game, then what was happening in the game, why it was important, and what would have happened next.

How will we select which FanPosts to promote to the front page? Some of it will be subjective. If you follow our tips linked above, you should find yourself on the right track. We will also be looking for FanPosts with comments and recommendations. Depending on the number of responses we get, receiving some recs on your post could separate your FanPost from the crowd. Additionally, if your post has a number of comments then it may have sparked some worthwhile discussions. These are just a few things we’ll be looking for when we decide which post(s) to promote on the front page.

Make sure you head over to the FanPost section of the website to submit your answers before Friday (February 10th).