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Yankees 2017 promotional and giveaway schedule

You don’t want to miss out on a Gary Sanchez bobblehead.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Now that spring training is inching closer, it is a good time to look ahead to the Yankees’ schedule. The team has released its promotional giveaway schedule so that you can plan to attend games where they are giving away free stuff. Below is a list of some of the promotions, broken up into categories.


This year the Yankees will give away four collectible bobbleheads, sponsored by AT&T.

Sunday, April 30th vs. Orioles - Gary Sanchez
Friday, June 9th vs. Orioles - Reggie Jackson
Sunday, July 9th vs. Brewers - Whitey Ford
Sunday, August 27th vs. Mariners - Aroldis Chapman

Each bobblehead will be available to the first 18,000 guests in attendance. The Yankees offered a sneak peek of two of the bobbleheads, pictured below.

I don’t think I could have accurately guessed that this bobblehead was meant to represent Sanchez. If anything, it seems to resemble Manny Machado. On the other hand, it is very apparent that the second bobblehead is meant to represent Mr. October. The Yankees have yet to unveil the other two bobbleheads.

Stuff for the youngins

The 14 and under crowd always get some pretty neat stuff. This year the kiddos can pick up a plastic bat and ball set on June 10th, and June 11th is Bat Day. Usually they give away a player’s replica bat on these days (last year it was Alex Rodriguez, and in 2015 it was Brett Gardner), but they have yet to announce if they’ll be doing that again.

On August 2nd, the first 10,000 guests 14 and under can grab a free poster. The Yankees will continue W.B. Mason Collectible Truck Day with its 13th edition available on August 26th. Per usual, the Yankees will give away a World Series Championship Fan Ring. This year it will be a 1977 World Series ring that the first 10,000 guests 14 and under can pick up on September 17th.

Household items

This is pretty much the typical giveaway stuff. Pick up a Yankees calendar on April 15th. On April 28th, fans can pick up a Yankees fleece blanket. Running low on dishware? Guests 21 and older can grab a Yankees freezer mug on May 26th, and July 28th is Collectible Cup Night. You can swap your blanket for a Yankees beach towel on July 7th.


The first 18,000 guests on June 21st will get a cap. The Yankees will also be giving out camo hats on Military Appreciation Day (July 29th). Take the Star Wars fan in your life to a game on August 25th for a Darth Vader Yankees knit cap. No idea what that will look like, but I’m intrigued.


This year Easter falls on April 16th and the Yankees are having something called “PEEPS (r) Plush Night” on that date. I’m not entirely sure what this is. A few years ago they had a Peeps Collectible Night, but the giveaway was only for guests 14 and under. That is not the case this time. Is it a stuffed animal? For now there are no photos with any of the giveaways, but maybe we’ll find out in a few weeks.

Special events

Sunday, May 14th - Derek Jeter Night
Sunday, June 25th - Old-Timers’ Day
Saturday, July 29th - Military Appreciation Day

Seems pretty disre2pectful not to honor Jeter on the 2nd day of some month, but May 14th happens to be Mother’s Day. So, you could honor the mother in your life by taking her to Yankee Stadium so that she can watch the Yankees honor Jeter? During the special ceremony the Yankees will retire Jeter’s number and unveil a Monument Park plaque.

Are you looking forward to any of these giveaways or events?