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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/3/17

Steinbrenner says people just forget about DV; Jeter having legal battles over underwear; Tate left off Top 100 lists and ST invites; ST gear is on the way to Tampa; Best baseball dogs!

New York Yankees Introduce Masahiro Tanaka

The Ringer | Claire McNear: Hal Steinbrenner spoke yesterday and as expected, it was not good. In an interview published by USA Today, Steinbrenner talked about the return of Aroldis Chapman and how he thinks most fans like Chapman and that Chapman would bring people to the stadium. More importantly though, he also said that eventually people will just “forget” about his domestic abuse past. This is where he’s wrong. People will not and should not forget about that. | Brendan Kuty: Derek Jeter is reportedly in the middle of a legal battle with a luxury underwear brand. Jeter agreed to endorse Frigo underwear with his name/likeness/RE2PECT and supposedly held up his end of the deal but then he wanted out of the deal. But RevolutionWear, Frigo’s marketer, asked him for $26 million to back out of the deal. So Jeter sued them to get out and part of the settlement was RevolutionWear would pay part of Jeter’s legal fees, $90,000, which they have not paid yet. This has been my favorite piece of news from the offseason. | Randy Miller: A year ago, Dillon Tate was a highly regarded prospect in the Texas Rangers’ system after being selected 4th overall in the 2015 draft. But along the way he lost his fastball and the Yankees were able to acquire him for two months of Carlos Beltran. Now he’s supposedly been “dissed” twice, first by being left off of two Top 100 lists, and then by the Yankees by not invited to big league spring training. I’m sure the Yankees are still hoping they can help rediscover some of what made him such a highly regarded prospect not too long ago. So personally, I wouldn’t make too much of the “diss.” | Bryan Hoch: Spring training is officially on the way. The tractor-trailer truck with all the Yankees’ essential gear (bats, balls, uniforms, pop tarts, nightlights, etc.) is officially on the way from the Bronx to Tampa. Lou Cucuzza Jr. says the clubhouse staff has this all down to a science since they have to do it year after year. The truck is scheduled to get to Tampa on Sunday, but it’ll be at an active construction site as George M. Steinbrenner Face Field is still under construction, though it is expected to be done in time for the Grapefruit League opener on the 24th.

MLB Cut 4 | Chris Landers: This is a few days old now, but I just discovered it yesterday so I figured I’d share it for fun. Probably the most important link you’ll click on..ever. Which MLB player has the best baseball dog? (Hint: it’s all of them because dogs are awesome). You can now go in and vote, so let your voice be heard. As of writing this, one adorable Yankee star’s adorable dog is 2nd in voting!