Three predictions for the 2017 season.

Okay, this is easy. I already see it playing out in my head.

1. Jacoby Ellsbury becomes the magnet this year for fan hate. Even if he plays decently. Someone will calculate how many starving Syrian orphans could be fed for a month on Jacoby's salary. He will be the Kenny Rogers of center field. The Sergio Mitre. The Nick Johnson. The Chad Gaudin. The all- purpose blame receptacle. We have one (or two) every year. Jacoby Ellsbury, this is your year.

God forbid you should be standing in center field while Aaron Judge is sitting on the bench. Or Clint Frazier is tearing up Triple A. I would feel sorry for you, except for your WRC of 89.

2. No later than April 25, we will be clamoring for a pitching staff shakeup. Bring up the kids, whomever is doing well at the moment - Lail, Kaprelian, Adams, or all three of them. People who failed long division in the fourth grade will be calculating how much of CC Sabathia's salary we will have to eat if we cut him today. Not that much, really. Michael Pineda, you are on a short leash, my friend. Severino, maybe we can trade you for the proverbial bucket of balls. Adam Warren (your #4 starter, by the way), you should have stayed in long relief.

3. Bird was, is, and will forever be The Word. He becomes a fixture at first base. If Matt Holliday plays first, it is out of sympathy and a desire to get him into the lineup. Bird becomes your everyday, just- write- his- name- into- the- lineup first baseman, like Mattingly or Tino Martinez.

Bonus predictions- 4. The Yankees will win a lot of close, high-scoring games. Joe Girardi, who is a good on the field manager, once again uses the bullpen to its best advantage to get more wins then the team's run differential suggests that they should.

5. The Yankees are buyers at the trade deadline, giving up prospects they can stand to part with for rotation help.

6. I am Gary becomes a monster star. Intentional walks will abound. Just the subtle point towards first base from the dugout. Off he goes. Often.

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