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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/22/17

A-Rod begins his new role as special instructor in Tampa; A-Rod has a better relationship with Hal than Jeter; Derek Jeter retirement day tickets are skyrocketing; Ellsbury arrives at camp after the birth of his child; Gleyber is very good; Raul Mondesi under house arrest; Yankee photo day

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
The A-Rod Corp Yankees has a nice ring to it
Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Spring training moves forward and the Yankees are getting ready for the season. Yesterday, they had a bit more help with their preparation as special instructor and Dad extraordinaire Alex Rodriguez arrived in Tampa. A-Rod began his tutelage of the younger Yankees, a job which he seems to be focusing on. In addition to his new role as Coach-Rod, Alex mentioned that he has “zero” intention of trying to make a comeback. A-Rod has been talking with YES Network about a potential role for him there. Analyst-Rod on YES Network is possibly the best news to come out of Spring Training.

New York Daily News | John Harper: Between teaching the youts and potentially being in the YES booth during the season, Alex Rodriguez has many opportunities within the Yankees organization. Al and Hal seem to get along very well and have build a friendly relationship with one another. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter does things his way and seems less involved with the organization as a whole. An anonymous source claims that Jeter really doesn’t have a relationship with anyone in the organization and that the past contract negotiations did not sit well with either side. Considering what just happened with Dellin Betances, this does not seem shocking.

New York Post | George A. King III: Speaking of Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter day will be held on the night of May 14th. If you don’t have tickets for the Jeterian Day, good luck getting any for cheap. Prices for the festivities are skyrocketing, with bleacher seats in the $150 range. Yikes. Good luck, Jeter lovers.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Jacoby Ellsbury has joined the Yankees in Tampa. He was late to arrive due to the birth of his new child. who is doing great according to Joe Girardi. Great news to hear about Ellsbury’s Ellsbaby. Brian Cashman has previously said that Ellsbury needs to produce more as he enters the fourth year of his seven-year contract. That would be nice, yes.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Gleyber Torres is good. That is the word around the league about one of the best prospects in all of baseball. All the high praise has not gone to Gleyber’s head, according to Girardi. Before joining the Yankees at camp, Gleyber had been working out with his idol, former major league SS Omar Vizquel. Gleyber learning SS defense from Omar Vizquel is very encouraging, as is Vizquel telling Gleyber that he’s “going to be good.”

Dominican Today: Former Yankees’ slugger Raul Mondesi has been placed under house arrest for embezzling about $4.2 million dollars. This is a thing that happened. There’s not much more to say about this.

Newsday: Finally, yesterday was photo day. Click the link to see a bunch of Yankee photos. Some you may recognize and others you may not.