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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/11/17

Seven Yankee prospects make Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List of 2017; Yankees still plan on contending in 2017; Gary Sanchez feels no pressure to repeat his historic performance; Brian Cashman admits that Ellsbury needs to do better

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Toronto Raptors
“Hey Ellsbury. Stop sicking at bansal....damn autocorrect!”
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Around the Empire

Baseball America: The Yankees’ farm system is the talk of the town. There have been multiple reports, lists, charts, pie graphs, and Klingon war songs sung about how revamped and excellent their system looks. Baseball America have put out their Top 100 Prospects of 2017 list. Sorry if you were hoping for a Klingon war song. The Yankees have seven prospects listed. Seven prospects. Mickey Mantle wore #7. The Yankees have Mickey Mantles in their farm system. The math is clear to see. | Bryan Hoch: Just because the Yankees have new, exciting, prosperous, and plentiful prospects in the minors doesn’t mean we have to write off the major league team. Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi most certainly are not. Both believe that the Yankees are still contenders this year. Stranger things have happened. Hopefully we’ll all see Stranger Things 2 in the Bronx in October this year. If not, we’ll see it on Netflix.

Newsday | Erik Boland: One member of the exciting youth movement is already here and he showed what he could do. Gary Sanchez had an incredible beginning to his career. Everyone is looking forward to see what he can do for an encore. Sanchez says that he doesn’t feel any pressure to repeat his historic performance. There shouldn’t be any pressure to do so. I mean, if he could do it, I doubt anyone would be opposed to it. Right? Right! | Brendan Kuty: Jacoby Ellsbury is not quite part of the youth movement. In fact, it’s highly possible that the youth movement is sapping his life essence and aging him faster than normal. There’s no proof that they aren’t. Dark sorcery or not, Brian Cashman admits that he has not seen the production he would like to see from Ellsbury. No amount of catcher’s interference calls can make up for overall poor performance. Don’t stop the CI’s though.