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Yankees trade rumors: New York working on Giancarlo Stanton deal

Could this really happen?

Miami Marlins v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

For as unlikely as a Giancarlo Stanton trade to New York seemed days ago, there is a lot of smoke that could indicate some fire. Ken Rosenthal dropped a bomb late Friday night that the Yankees are, in fact, in play for the NL MVP. Jeff Passan reported that they were seriously working on a deal with traction.

Stanton released a list of four teams he’d waive his no trade clause for yesterday, including the Yankees among the Cubs, Astros, and Dodgers. The Marlins had been trying to trade him to the San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals before Stanton rejected both locations.

It certainly sounds like this could actually happen! Momentum is promising.

Getting Stanton would almost certainly require the Yankees to take on all of his salary, which the team is definitely capable of doing. That would probably intrigue the Marlins more than getting any kind of prospect package back, even though the Yankees could certainly offer up something on that side as well.

It was reported earlier that the Yankees would likely want the Marlins to take on something like Chase Headley, Brett Gardner, and/or Jacoby Ellsbury in any deal. Freeing up outfield space makes sense with Aaron Hicks and Clint Frazier already needing spots with Aaron Judge having a spot already locked up.

A trade for Stanton is probably still a long shot. The Yankees have been adamant about wanting to get under the luxury tax threshold this year, and the idea of taking on a large amount of salary probably wasn’t what they had in mind, but getting a talent like Stanton is probably a deal they can’t pass up either.

Stay tuned! Could be a long, interesting night.