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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/8/17

Giancarlo Stanton would approve a trade to Yankees, according to report; Joe Girardi was supposed not hard enough on Sanchez; Boone eyes former teammate Josh Bard for a bench role; Tanaka dressed as Santa

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports | Chad Thornburg: As we all know, the Yankees are out of the running to acquire Shohei Ohtani. For those that didn’t know, sorry to dash your hopes. If you’re looking for more crazy offseason hopes, feast your eyes on this tweet.

Not only are the Yankees are his list, but Stanton is reportedly pressing to be traded to the Dodgers or Yankees above everyone else. Judging by what the Giants and Cardinals were willing to give Stanton, the Yankees would not have to trade the top prospects to get him. They might have to find someone to take Jacoby Ellsbury though, which they should be doing regardless of Stanton. Then there’s that little matter of Hal wanting to get under the luxury tax. Okay fine, this is probably a pipe dream. I don’t care. I WANT TO DREAM THE DINGERIEST OF DREAMS! LET ME HAVE THIS!

New York Daily News | John Harper: Former former Yankee legend and current Yankee manager Aaron Boone is already building a relationship with Gary Sanchez. Rumor has it that Girardi not connecting with Sanchez was why Girardi was let go. Now we have new rumors suggesting that Girardi was not tough enough of Sanchez, specifically his defensive struggles. Soon we will have rumors that Girardi and Sanchez were actually out solving crimes together in a buddy sitcom called Kraken Cases. For the record, I’m willing to write that sitcom if anyone is hiring.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Aside from Larry Rothschild, Aaron Boone has no bench staff to boss around. One of Boone’s former teammates, Josh Bard, has apparently interviewed to interview the coaching staff. It is unclear which exact role Bard interviewed for. Boone and Cashman are going to collaborate to build their staff together. Cashman has mentioned that the roles should be filled by the end of next week.

Cut 4 | Chris Landers: There is a photo of Masahiro Tanaka dressed as Santa Claus in this link. That’s all you really need to know.