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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/7/17

Yankees hold press conference to introduce new manager Aaron Boone; Hal Steinbrenner impressed with Boone; Boone already focused on building strong relationship with Gary Sanchez, other players; Luis Severino has emerged as the young ace the Yankees need

New York Yankees Introduce Aaron Boone As Manager
And I said to the guy, just hit a legendary home run that will make you beloved forever. Problem solved.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees held a press conference yesterday to introduce the world to their new manager, Aaron Boone. Boone bested Carlos Beltran, Hensley Meulens, Rob Thomson, Chris Woodward, Greg Kirkland, and Eric Wedge to become the 33rd manager of said New York Yankees. Boone is excited about the opportunity. At least I think he is. Maybe he’s just kinda meh about the whole thing. Excited or not, Boone took the time to answer some questions from the press and discuss his plans for this team. Those plans include communication, analytics, and just telling his team to hit historic, legendary home runs every single time they come up to the plate. Seems simple enough to me. | Bryan Hoch: Hal Steinbrenner was impressed by Aaron Boone. At least I think he was. Maybe he actually hates Boone and would’ve preferred Steve Rogers as his manager. Steve Rogers has experience leading other people into battle. Boone does not. However, Boone received such a glowing review from Cashman and friends that Hal didn’t even need a face-to-face with him. He probably would’ve had a face-to-face with Steve Rogers though. I know I would.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: One primary reason Boone was brought on board was to form strong manager-player relationships. He has already been talking with some of his new teammates, including Gary Sanchez. The Kraken’s relationship with former manager Joe Girardi was rumored to be strained. Some have speculated that it was one of the factors why he was let go. Gary, he who is known as Gary, is important to the Yankees and Boone recognizes Gary is still young and learning. Thus far, he’s saying all the right things. | Bryan Hoch: One good thing about the team Aaron Boone will soon be managing is that it’s good. Very good. While the Yankees won’t be adding Shohei Ohtani to the rotation, they already discovered their young ace last year with Luis Severino. Sevy had the most incredible bounce back season we could have hoped for. He finished 3rd in the AL Cy Young voting behind Corey Kluber and Chris Sale. Perhaps the Yankees should send Pedro Martinez a nice gift this Christmas for helping Severino last offseason.