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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/6/17

Brian Cashman is ready for the Winter Meetings; Bob Boone thinks his son will do a great job; Carlos Beltran also thinks Aaron Boone will do a great job; Reggie Jackson is headed to Broadway

New York Yankees v New York Mets
Look, I don’t know why he wasn’t swayed by my “We’ll help your career Growtani!” pun. It’s a mystery.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: The Winter Meetings are fast approaching. Brian Cashman ingenious plan to acquire cost effective pitcher/DH did not work out. Since Ohtani is out of the pinstriped picture, Cashman’s new plan is to be diligent and patient. The Yankees do not have many needs going into Lake Buena Vista. Starting pitching will definitely be the team’s top priority, especially since they hired Aaron Boone instead of fan favorite choice Greg Kirkland. This article goes into who the Yankees can potentially trade, who their top prospects are, and more. Check it out. | Bill Ladson: Speaking of Aaron Boone, the Yankees will hold a press conference today for their new manager. Bob Boone, the Nationals vice president of player development and Aaron Boone’s father, thinks that his son will do very well as a manager. That’d make for an awkward scene if he thought his son would be terrible at it. Now I’m imagining him saying “I still can’t believe they hired him. What a joke! He has no experience, he couldn’t even organize his Nintendo Power magazines, and they’re giving him the keys to the car? Hahaha, good luck with THAT!”

New York Daily News | Peter Sblendorio: As evident above by my crazy imagination, Bob Boone clearly has no faith in his son. Thankfully, Aaron Boone has other supporters. One of them is Carlos Beltran. He stated that Boone should have no problem communicating with the players. That’s good. Beltran also said that we should give him time to adjust to the role. He has one week.

Deadline | Jeremy Gerard: In my favorite bit of news, Reggie Jackson is headed to the big stage. No, the other one. Broadway! Mr. October is joining the cast of of the Damn Yankees Benefit Concert Reading in the role of Mr. Welsh. This event will only be one night only and will benefit the non-profit Roundabout Theatre Company.