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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/28/17

Yankees reunion with Todd Frazier seeming more and more unlikely; Randy Levine says the Yankees are not done making moves yet; more Gerrit Cole stuff; a look at Yankee prospect Alexander Palma

League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Five
Get out of here, you stupid ball you!
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

YES Network | A.J. Herrmann: There are questions regarding the Yankees’ infield, specifically at 2nd and 3rd base. Brian Cashman traded Starlin Castro and Chase Headley away this offseason. The eternal question is whether or not their replacements prefer pancakes or waffles. The main question is who their replacements will be. Odds are that Gleyber Torres will play one of the positions. Might the Yankees re-sign Todd Frazier to play third base? The answer might be a thumbs down, and not the good kind. While the Tom’s River native loves the Yankees, he might want more than a one-year deal, which he can potentially get from another team. We shall see.

New York Post | Dan Martin: As mentioned above, the Yankees have had a busy offseason. It’s hard work acquiring Giancarlo Stanton for a re-gifted Starlin Castro and some toenail clippers stocking stuffers. According to team president Randy Levine, who is still allowed to speak publicly somehow, the Yankees are not done making moves yet. They still expect to sign another starting pitcher, even though they need is not that great. Levine also believes that these new younger, hipper Yankees are very likable.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Some more Gerrit Cole stuff. This article talks about what the Yankees rotation would look like with Cole. I think. I’m gonna level with you, I didn’t really read this. I think I’m done caring until this deal does or does not happen. But hey, enjoy the link if that’s your bag.

Pinstriped Prospects | Robert M. Pimpsner: Here’s a look at Yankee prospects Alexander Palma. This has nothing to do with Gerrit Cole. Well, unless they trade him for Cole. Either way, take a look.