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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/23/17

Gerrit Cole talks get cold, then hot, then circle around back to the beginning; why the Giants don’t need Jacoby Ellsbury; the Blue Jays are looking to contend; Mets make a truly Mets move

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Newsday | Anthony Rieber: The Yankees have not signed Gerrit Cole yet. The Pirates were asking for Gleyber Torres to headline the trade and the Yankees were offering Clint Frazier because they’re not giving up Gleyber Torres. You’ve probably heard all of this before. This trade seems to be moving in circles. There are rumors that it could be done before Christmas, just to screw with writers and bloggers who have plans for Christmas. Some fans want this done while others would not touch this trade with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole. We shall see.

McCovey Chronicles | Grant Brisbee: Recent rumors mentioned that Jacoby Ellsbury could potentially waive his NTC to join the San Francisco Giants. Perhaps the yule tide spirit and several glasses of eggnog have made Yankee fans more excited about this idea than we should be. It’s still unclear if the Giants would even want him. Grant Brisbee of Grant Brisbee fame lists several reasons why this would be a questionable idea for the Giants. I still say Cashman needs to get it done. | Jerry Crasnick: Remember when the Yankees acquired Giancarlo Stanton for the LifeSavers Sweet Storybook you found in your stocking on Christmas morning? Good times. Goooooood times. Other teams are still trying to counter Brian Cashman’s early X-Mas gift to the Bronx. The Red Sox got Mitch Moreland and scorn from the fans. The O’s lost Britton and might be trading Machado. The Rays just lost Mr. Ray himself, Evan Longoria. Then there are the Blue Jays, who are still looking to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox at the top. How, you might ask? This article takes a look at what we can expect from our Canadian neighbors.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Meanwhile, in Queens, the Mets rehired former Mets GM Omar Minaya to be Sandy Alderson’s special assistant. From a baseball perspective, this isn’t a terrible move. Minaya was a questionable GM but is highly regarded as a quality scout. From a Mets perspective, this is unquestionably a terrible move because apparently no one except Fred Wilpon wanted this.

This really has nothing to do with the Yankees at all, but it’s just too Amazin’ not to share with everyone. It’s one thing to upset your fanbase, as the Mets are wont to do. It’s another to upset both your fanbase and the front office in one fell swoop. I’d say this is the peakest of Mets, but there’s still plenty of offseason left. Feel free to read the responses to the official tweet.