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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/2/17

Yankees hire Aaron Boone to be the new manager; Boone is a high risk choice for Cashman; Cashman called A-Rod to ask for his opinion on managers; a look back at Boone’s 2003 season; Yankees will agressively pursue Shohei Ohtani

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Boone celebrates with Williams
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees have a new manager. They are no longer manager-less. It’s a real Boone for the Bronx Bombers, as they have chosen Aaron Boone out of the six candidates that interviewed for the position. Aaron’t you glad I made that pun? Well I hope you’re prepared for many more as this team goes forward. I promise you that you are not. The details of this contract have not been announced yet. Hopefully we will get more info soone. While this hiring might not make you swoone, all we can do now is give Brian Cashman the benefit of the doubt. I hope none of you think that Cash is a loone. I’m not going to stop. I’m really not. I’m not even sorry if you think I’m a goone. Moving on.

The Atheletic | Ken Rosenthal: Aaron Boone has never managed a baseball team. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. He’s never even been a bench coach. This could be a real Boone or bust situation for both the Yankees and Brian Cashman. Puns aside, Rosenthal puts it perfectly that this is a huge gamble for the Yankees, giving the reins to a novice. Carlos Beltran has never managed before, but at least he already had a history and rapport with the young players on the Yankees. They had a commune, unlike Boone. Either way, here we are.

Newsday | Anthony Rieber: Brian Cashman didn’t make this decision all by himself. He said yesterday that he reached out to former Yankee legend and tycoone Alex Rodriguez. Philanthropist-Rod was more than happy to give Cashman his thoughts on the matter. There were rumors that A-Rod might be interested in managing the Yankees. Cashman seemingly shut those down yesterday, stating that A-Rod Corp-Rod had no real interest in the job. So much for that.

Cut4 | MEARNS!!!: There’s no amount of lengthy discussion that can convince me that Boone’s interview was not just him discussing his 2003 ALCS Game 7 winning, Red Sox fan crushing dinger. Former PSA scribe Andrew Mearns discusses more than Boone’s heroic dong. Mearns talks about the other things Boone did in 2003 of note. Don’t worry though. He still discusses the magical dinger that Boone will use to motivate his new team. | Bryan Hoch: Here’s a bit of non-Boone news to read this afternoone. Shohei Ohtani was officially posted yesterday. Ohtani has until December 22nd to choose a team. But he must choose wisely. Brian Cashman stated that the Yankees will be aggressively pursuing the Babe Ruth of Japan. Cashman and friends have had their eye on Ohtani since 2012 and sought out extra international spending money for this very moment. Former Yankee legend Hideki Matsui is expected to help recruit the young phenom. Now that the Yankees’ have a new manager, getting Ohtani is next. Get it done, Cash.