Winter Meetings Wish List

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Fresh off the news that Giancarlo Stanton will be playing the outfield in Yankee Stadium for quite awhile, Brian Cashman and Co are preparing to head off to Winter Meetings. This is always exciting for a number of reasons, as there are always out of the blue trades that are an enjoyable source to make fun of, discuss, and dissect.

It seems most years the Yankees manage to do something noteworthy, and unlike the last year or so, this year has the impression of how much they're going to do, rather than "if." So in treating this in the literal sense of a Wish List, here is what I am hoping for.

*note: I'm trying to treat this within the realm of reasonable chance. You won't find Jacoby Ellsbury for Clayton Kershaw or anything that elicits too many eye rolls.

1. Another young, controllable starter. My goal is to grab a non-ace who can reliably give me 180 innings this year who has at least two years until he hits FA. These guys don't grow on trees, but the Yankees have a glut of prospects they don't really need, and shouldn't have too much trouble finding a team that wants to hit the reset button on the service time of their young guys.

The offer: Chance Adams and Miguel Andujar for Gerrit Cole.

2. Find a new home for Jacoby Ellsbury. This is the one everyone can agree on, and I think there are a number of ways to get it done. I feel that if Cashman is serious about dumping him with at least half of the money being taken by the other team, you're going to have to part with something that is going to hurt. I expect a lot of pushback from the PSA family on this one, but in the interest of ridding ourselves of at least 75% of the money, here it is:

The offer: Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees throw in 8M) and Clint Frazier to St Louis Cardinals for a PTBNL. In essence, StL buys Clint Frazier for $56M.

I hate the idea of simply giving away Red Thunder, but if the Yankees really wanna go after Machado or Harper, this has to be done in order for them to afford it (and yes, "afford" means something different in Yankees language.)

3. Stay away from long deals to pitchers north of 30. This one is kind of the side bar to #1. Jake Arrietta is an interesting gamble, and I could be talked into Alex Cobb, but I'm not giving anyone of these guys more than 4 years, and I'm definitely not approaching $20M aav for them. Cashman has done a good job for the most part avoiding the albatross contract when it comes to pitchers lately, and I'd like for him to stay that way.

The offer: CC Sabatha 1yr (with a mutual option second year) 12M (another 12 for option)

Anyways, those are some of the things that I believe are reasonable, and would make me happy with Brian Cashman.

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