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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/9/17

Rob Thomson officially interviews for Yankees’ manager position; YES broadcasters David Cone and John Flaherty also interested; Yankees are 2nd in terms of spending money for Shohei Otani; Aaron Judge wins Player’s Choice AL Rookie award; a look at the top ten Yankees’ prospects

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers
Oh yeah, THAT game.
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Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Job hunting sucks. It is, hands down, one of the worst, most soul sucking activities a person will ever undertake. Having said that, interviews for the managerial job started yesterday. Rob Thomson, the Yankees current bench coach, officially interviewed for the position. Thomson has been looking to get a chance at the big chair for some time now. He interviewed to be the manager of the Blue Jays back in 2010. Thomson has filled in for Girardi at times. The players seem to like him a lot. We shall see though. | Mark Newman: We know that the Yankees’ coaches, other than Rob Thomson, are sure to interview for the job. It appears that members of the YES Booth are also open to the opportunity. Broadcasters David Cone and John Flaherty have let Brian Cashman know that they’d like to throw their hats into the ring. Cashman has stated that he’s open to candidates with no mangerial experience, so my chances are good. So are yours. Go apply!*

*Don’t apply

Newsday | AP: In addition to looking for a new manager, Cashman could also be looking to bolster the pitching staff. While the details between the MLB and NPB are still being ironed out, there is a chance the Yankees go after Shohei Otani. It turns out that the Yankees are behind the Texas Rangers, and just slightly ahead of the Minnesota Twins, in terms of being able to spend the most on him. The Texas Rangers have the advantage. Having Masahiro Tanaka decide not to opt out was the plus-iest of pluses for this offseason. They may want to save their money. They probably shouldn’t though. | Bryan Hoch: AL MVP finalist and AL Rookie of the Year winner Aaron Judge has won the Player’s Choice Outstanding Rookie in the American League. Judge was also a finalist for the Player’s Choice AL Outstanding Player award, but that went to Jose Altuve. Here’s hoping Judge has better luck with the AL MVP award. In addition, Luis Severino was one of the finalists for the Player’s Choice AL Outstanding Pitcher award. That went to Corey Kluber. Here’s hoping Severino has better luck with the AL Cy Young award.

Baseball Prospectus | Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff: You know what I love? Top Ten lists of the Yankees’ best prospects. This list also gives updated details on said best prospects. Definitely give this one a read.