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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/7/17

Brian Cashman discusses letting Girardi go, relationship, search for new manager, etc.; Jerry Hairston Jr. is a viable contender to be the next manager; Judge a finalist for AL ROTY & AL MVP award, Severino a finalist for AL Cy Young award; Judge to be on the cover of MLB The Show 2018

MLB: AL Wildcard-Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
“You’re dead to me, Fredo!”
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Brian Cashman was feeling talkative yesterday. What did he talk about? Why, former Yankee manager Joe Girardi of course. Cashman discussed his concern with Girardi’s ability to connect and communicate with the younger Yankees’ in the clubhouse, commonly known around these parts as the Youngkees. It was Cashman’s recommendation to Hal Steinbrenner that the Youngkees needed a new voice. However, Cash also wanted to reiterate that it was a difficult decision and that his relationship with Girardi over the years was extremely good. Way more than this in Hoch’s article. You should read it.

CBS New York | Sweeny Murti: A name that has been floated around the pinstriped world, other than Greg Kirkland, is Jerry Hairston Jr. First reported by Ken Rosenthal and later confirmed by Mark Feinsand, Murti called Hairston to discuss the matter. JHJ slightly hinted at his candidacy, which means he’ll be the next Yankees’ manager. That’s actually not what that means. We’ll wait and see, but give this a read as well. | Bryan Hoch: The award nominations came out yesterday. Yankees’ right fielder and AL Rookie of the Year winner Aaron Judge was officially one of the three (chuckle) finalists for the AL Rookie of the Year award that he’s 100% going to win. Judge was also officially announced as one of the finalists for the AL MVP, which he may not win over Jose Altuve. We shall see. On the pitching side of things, Luis Severino was one of the three finalists for the AL Cy Young award. While he might not beat Corey Kluber or Chris Sale, what an incredible year and bounce back season for the young pitcher. It was so much fun to watch.

YES Network | A.J. Herrmann: Remember when Aaron Judge hit 52 home runs in a season? Remember when one of those Aaron Judge dingers was crushed 495ft? Remember when Judge hit the roof of Marlins Park during the Home Run Derby, a feat which science had deemed impossible? Remember when Judge left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was going to win the Rookie of the Year award? Good times. Goooooood times. It’s safe to say that he is a household name among baseball fans. Fans that are going to buy MLB The Show 2018 will see his face on the cover.

All Rise.