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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/28/17

Some guesses as to where Ohtani is headed; a look at the credentials of each managerial candidate; the best players at each position in the Yankees’ farm; Torreyes with a crazy slide

Japan v Netherlands - International Friendly
Hmmmmmm, but maybe I’ll go to this team...
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SBNation | Grant Brisbee: There are other stories out there besides Shohei Ohtani will wind up. We’ll get to those in a bit. But first, where will Shohei Ohtani wind up? It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma served on a waffle and covered with maple syrup. A lot of experts have our New York Yankees as the favorites, but no one really knows. Grant Brisbee looks at the hints we’ve been given and does that wonderful baseball writing thing he does so well. | Bryan Hoch: Did you forget that the Yankees still do not have a manager? Well don’t worry. I will have my interview very soon. Until then, Bryan Hoch gives an overview of the five candidates who have interviewed with Brian Cashman. For five hours. Each. Yikes. In case you forgot, Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge, Hensley Meulens, Aaron Boone, and Chris Woodward are the five candidates. For now. There’s really no rush, since no other team really needs a manager. On the other hand, we’re getting short on news here. So yeah, hire someone g%$#&*it! | Kelsie Heneghan: The Yankees farm system was bad. Now it is good. Very good. In fact, I dare say it is the best farm system in the known universe. Gleyber Torres is already favored to land a starting spot on the 2018 team. This article takes a good look at the other best players in the Yankees’ organization, at each position. It’s hard not to get excited at what the future holds.

Cut4 | Eric Charleston: SUPER CRAZY SLIDES!!! Okay, I admit that the caps lock probably makes this article more exciting than it actually is. Unless you find an article that looks at the top 10 craziest slides from the 2017 baseball season. One of the pinstriped elite, Ronald Torreyes, made the cut at #10. Can you think of any other crazy slide from the 2017 Yankee season that tops this? Let us know in the comments. Also like, comment, and subscribe to my campaign to become the next Yankees’ manager.

Sigh. I miss baseball.