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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/26/17

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Ohtani’s agent asks MLB teams for detailed information on how they plan to utilize Ohtani; a look at 2018 free agents that could be traded before they’re free agents; a look at some of the best and most unique home runs from 2017

South Korea v Japan - WBSC Premier 12 Semi Final
That better not be double spaced!
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Yahoo Sports | Mark Townsend: The talk of the baseball world is Shohei Ohtani. It was Shohei all-day yesterday. It will probably be Shohei all-day tomorrow. Ohtani is expecting to be posted within the next seven days. Ohtani’s agent, Nez Balelo, sent out a memo to all 30 MLB teams, asking for detailed plans on how they intend to utilize both of Ohtani’s Ohtalents. Each team would have to provide their proposals in both English and Japanese. The final six teams would then have to climb a set of slippery stairs to finalize their deal with the Babe Ruth of Japan. I’d like to say that last part isn’t true but — actually no. I’d like to say that last part IS true. That would be the best. It should be true. Damn. | Mark Feinsand: There are other free agents on the market besides Shohei Ohtani. Have we stopped to consider the free agents on the market next year though? Mark Feinsand has. In this article, Feinsand goes over ten free agents in 2018 that could be dealt either this offseason or during the trade deadline next year. One name that pops is — makes sure Kunj isn’t around — David Robertson. The Yankees could potentially use D-Rob as a trade chip, much like they did Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. They could also do this with Dellin Betances. Odds are they’ll want their powerful pen to remain powerful though. Check out the other names on that list. | Mike Petriello: Finally, dingers. I like dingers. You like dingers. Well, some of you anyway. Technology has given us the ability to track the best, the weirdest, the fastest, and the most powerful home runs of the year. If you followed the New York Yankees this year, you’ll probably recognize a few of the home runs on this list. They were hit by AL Rookie of the Year winner Aaron Judge. I’m slightly disappointed in this list because they failed to list the Judge bomb that nearly left Safeco and definitely broke Statcast. Rude.